Yeah, well.. fuck you! ^-^ (piperz) wrote in bisexualspiff,
Yeah, well.. fuck you! ^-^

So, sorry about not updating for a while.

Whew! Welcome new members! ^-^;

Sorry I've been a little absent from the community. I sort of fell into a slump, but all is well again, I suppose. And I'm BACK! RAWR! And to prove how sorry I am, I've got a small, slightly juicy tid-bit to share.


This past weekend was pretty all right, not too fun not too boring. Then, Sunday night.. things totally picked up.

My sister went to work at around 9PM, leaving her fiance and me sitting home alone. Not long after, a mututal friend shows up with his new fling. She's an okay little thing. About 5'6", maybe 120 lbs.. blonde, blue eyed, slim figure without too much curve. I'll give her this much, she has a nice ass, though. Then, a little while later, two more of our friends showed up. We were all hanging out in the front room without too much going on, listening to some music, playing some video games, et cetera... and then my friend's fling practically starts dry-humping him right next to all of us.

Everyone start laughing, and then we were rooting them on. My sister's fiance busted out a condom, tossed it at them, and told them to have fun. Problem was, there was only one bed for them to do anything on, and it just so happened we were all sitting in the same room as said bed. SO!

We all got to watch as his fling went at it. I was amused at the fact that I practically had a living porno right in front of me. Don't get me wrong, I'm not really interested in my friend, OR his fling, but... I like to watch. Is that so bad? ^-^;;

They didn't last long the first time, much to the disappointment of everyone who was watching... but about a half hour later, they were at it again. This time, it was more vocal and more exciting, and definitely lasted a little bit longer.

So I spent a nice Sunday, after a relatively dull weekend, playing a computer game, drinking my drink happily, and watching some scrumping.

Ah.. I never knew Sundays could be so exciting.


Again, sorry I was gone for so long. ^_~
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