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Title: The Princess and the.....PART 4
Author: Myst
Rating: NC-17 overall
Pairing: Liam/William
Fandom: BTVS/ATS
Disclaimer: Not mine but I do love taking them out of the box now and then
Warnings: slash, transvestitism,!Daddy kink, little girl play
Status: WIP - part 1/?
Summary: AU- Will is the lovely and beautiful transvestite Liam shares his life with. This is just a weekend in the life of sort of thing. The things that can happen with your boy, just loves being a girl.
Beta-d by:  I didn't have this part beta'd.   All mistakes are mine....sorry                Dedication: Thanks to moma jinxwatcher           Feedback: Yes please...and did I say yes?? I think I did but just to be sure....YES PLEASE!! Ok. I'm really alright. I promise.
LJ username: greeneyeddevilm 
Website: Shadows in the Mirror archive as kept by JINX
Spoilers: Absolutely none...completely AU
NOTE: Putting this out in small chunks.....little blocks of time....And the icon is by yours truly...
Previous parts can be found here: uno         dos         tres

Will stood looking into the mirror. His eye makeup really was not that bad. Just a smudge here or there. He fixed it with skilled finger tips and tissue. Once again the perfect princess-- He looked into those eyes soft soulful blues, lined tastefully with a smokey brown. Each of them shadowed to compliment his skin tones, and bring them out even more. His lips were rounded and plumped both on their own accord and the luscious lipstick he used. It cost a fortune but looking at the effect it was well worth it. His skin glowed--the shimmer he applied to it only accented it's own even coloring. His hair framed out his face perfectly. He just stared for a minute. He did *look* like a very pretty girl.

"In trouble," he muttered, walking back toward the door of the large open bathroom. The place was enormous. A sharp contrast to the rest of the club. I was grey, top to bottom. If there was a surface is was grey. Plain gun metal grey. How very soothing. Not. The lighting was circa 1952 or so it seemed. Bright, fluorescent, cold and white. Will shivered both against Liam's whispered promise and the chill the wide open room presented. The sounds echoing inside it did nothing to soothe him. Grunts and moans, laughter and the sound of skin slapping skin. Lovely. Just lovely boys, could you at least throw in some snappy dialogue, bored to tears here really.

Will sighed leaning in the doorway, able to see Liam and Wes talking. He intentionally ignored the fact that Xander was no where in sight, stupid git. All this was his fault anyway Will sniffled, wrapping his arms and wrap around himself. Nibbling his lip Will watched Liam-- his smile and the ease in his manner. He didn't even look pissed off. Will blinked at that thought. Usually he would have found himself over Liam's knee by now for being such a prat, it wasn't ladylike. Defending himself was one thing. Nearly snatching the stupid cow bald and heading fast toward all out brawling was another. Especially on the word of Xander Harris. Liam was always warning him about his temper and his judgment. Watching them he wondered--Liam always made sure to give him his punishments immediately, always said if he could act up in public he could take his consequences the same way, but here he was not even a pat on the bum. What was different tonight?

Liam lifted his bottle toward the bar, Will squinted, shifting up on his toes, which wasn't far with three inch heels on, trying to see who Liam was hailing. He couldn't see anyone in particular. Then a flash of dark hair caught his eye, a soft smile on pouty pink lips. Shining pretty eyes smiling back in what seemed to be Liam's direction. Will's eyes did the tango back and forth, then up and down over the brunette. His appraisal quickly brought to a halt right over the swell of what could only be *real* breasts. And...oh no...hips? The feminine curves were unmistakable. He was smiling and nodding and tipping his beer to a girl??? Will nearly felt faint. It couldn't be. He backed up stumbling against the sink. Whipping himself around he found himself face to face--well with his face. The mirror glared back at him.

"Oh wot?" He demanded from his innocent reflection. Of course being a mirror it looked upset, but wasn't saying a word.

"So I'm a *boy*. A silly little boy." The weepy face seemed to look marginally sympathetic, but still kept it's own counsel.

"No. I am *his* little girl, *his* princess." Was that a little nod he saw in the mirror? He wiped his eyes hotly, looking again. But, he's had a woman before Will, the reflected eyes spoke back. Even mirrors have their limits, and just had to say something. And being Will's reflection naturally it would say something like that wouldn't it? Will took a deep breath closing his eyes, intensifying the sounds all around him, he felt them close in on him. He knew that past woman, or of her. She was a dark beauty too. Petite, almost delicate. Raven hair, and wide wondering eyes. She was truly beautiful. She also was most definitely a *woman* in every since of the word. Dru. She'd been Liam's girl before they met. His look catching the glint in his own pale blue eyes-- has three years been too long for him? They asked him.

Will stared for a long time. No. It couldn't be. He wouldn't accept it. Cue up the gay anthem, Gloria sing it baby!!

I...I will survive....

It was as simple as that. He'd show Liam the perfect princess he could be. He'd show everyone. He had to go back out there. Face the nightmare. Defeat it. Not to mention getting back at that brat Xander. He drew another breath, made it go deep inside him, carrying the smell perfumes, beer, smoke and sex. The feel and vibe of the club overlay-ed his nerves, easing them out of his stall and straight into third. You have heard the phrase fuel to the fire? Oh boy. errr. girl....

Will appeared again at the bathroom door, then made a beeline for the table Liam, Wes and now much to his chagrin Xander, sat around. He smiled and took his drink when Liam offered it, downing it in one very long go, holding out the glass with an adorable smile, batting his lashes almost violently. Relief flowed over Liam at last, he was getting up to go in after Will when they saw him making his way back to the table. He had hoped Will could make it there and back without incident but was starting to wonder.

"Are you alright baby?" Liam asked softly, taking the glass and setting it down ignoring the less than subtle hint for another, reaching up to pull Will down on to his lap, where he snuggled under Liam's chin, wrapping his arms around his big manly man. Soft curls tickled Liam's face as he nuzzled into Will's hair taking in the delicate scent. That was better. His soft warm little girl in his lap, and all was right with the world.

"Yes," Wes added, "we were starting to get worried." giving Will a warm look of genuine concern. Will smiled slowly, nodding just slightly. Wes gave Xander a look that clearly told him to be nice and say something, preferable an apology.

Of course Xander being Xander...

"What happened, they have a vat of Nair you just had to fall into?" Xander grinned, taking another drink. He wasn't buying the wounded kitten act, not to mention both Liam and Wes looking at him like the boot that kicked said kitten. It was all just a little bit more than he could handle. He was just having a little fun and both Lindsay and *Wormer* had said some pretty nasty things, so what if he made them just a little bit worse in translation. Liam gave Xander a patient warning look, of course some of that spilled out to Wes too. He expected him to handle his boy and to do it now.

Xander ignored both the look and Wes pinching his thigh, only Will's narrow eyed growl held his attention.

"Well you know with the heels and all. Oh but what am I saying, with ankles like must have the balance of aaaaa ...." Laughing, "freaking Clydesdale, I mean really. Where the hell do you find shoes *man*???"

"XANDER!!!" Wes gasps, giving him a sharp tap across one thigh.

Liam's look intensified, his arm drawing Will closer, in a way that could only be taken as possessive.

"I've warned you Harris. Now behave yourself or you'll have me to deal with." Liam said almost casually, taking another drink from his beer, keeping his eyes steadily trained on Xander all the while. Yeah he was definitely going to have to have a more directive chat with Wes about taking this boy in hand. Will wiggled running his face along Liam's collar up to just under his jaw. Soft skin pressing against after shaved light bristles. Liam's arms drew him up tighter feeling the hitching breaths start under his fingers.

"FINE!!! You both like the *freak* so much how about I just leave?" Xander shouted not even noticing he was being hauled up out of his seat. He was so intently focused on Will and the growing display he was giving them all. Will took his cue like a pro giving a heart rending a sob into Liam's shirt, holding the lapel of his jacket against revealing his face.

"Oh PLEASE!!" Xander nearly screamed and his chair hit the floor as Wes started moving him toward the bathroom, howling all the way. Will lifted his head to scowl after him, of course his eyes were strangely dry as the Sahara and held more than a little mischief. Xander glared back at him attempting to escape his fate and Will couldn't resist sticking his tongue out, na na na nah na nahh wanker. Will watched them go, taking some small satisfaction in Xander finally getting his for being the horrible little sod that he was. Short lived revelry though--it reminded him of the fact that he was supposed to be in trouble too. Supposed to be??

A large warm and very insistent hand answered that little question.

"Hi." Will said brightly, up into stern dark eyes staring back at him. Uh oh was what he really wanted to say, but no sense giving the impression of guilt now was there?

"Hi," Liam said tipping his head back to get a better look at the lapful of squirming little girl he found himself holding. Squirming very *bad* little girl. Whatever it was running through that adorable little head Liam did not like it. That little show, the waterworks or lack there of so it would seem; all that had been for Wes' benefit. Every bit of it. Will knew how much Wes cared for him. They had been friends before Liam had ever even met Will. Wes looked on Will very fondly if platonically and anything that upset him set Wes off. Which in turn set Xander off. Talk about your vicious cycles.

"Tell me a story?" Liam said softly, tracing a finger a long Will's cheek. Will blinked big blue eyes. Oh this was so not good. Will tried to hide behind the smooth black leather of Liam's jacket; failing miserably he ended up having both hands carefully removed and then found himself sat upright. Oh no not the look, Will winced under the hard appraising eyes. I am not a pane of glass....I am not a pane of glass.....I am *not* a pane of glass....Will chanted to himself, wishing for some little fairy god anything to not let Liam take one look at him and read him like a bloody book. Not even a long book, some dime store novella.

Liam saw the wheels turning and decided before there was a melt down behind those flickering blue eyes he'd better get to the bottom of this and maybe Will's bottom too.

"Why did you just do that?" Liam asked, keeping his tone calm and directive.

"Wot? Didn't do nothin'." Will wriggled, trying to get back under Liam's chin where he didn't have to look at the chill that came off Liam's eyes. He hated that look, hated how Liam could look right into him, it poured ice water in his veins.

Liam sighed, stilling most of Will's movements on his lap and straightening his skirt before it slid any farther up those long milky white legs. Liam rested his hand on Will's knee, giving it a firm squeeze.

"Will if you had lunged across the table and taken his eye out. Then maybe I would believe you were upset. You aren't one for the shrieking violet routine and Wes may not know that," pausing to tip Will's stubbornly averted eyes back to his, "but I do." He said. Will found himself locked into dark chilly pools again and drew his wrap up around him shivering under it. Oh gods how could he look through him like that? How did he just *know* everything....well not everything. Will's eyes trailed back toward the bar, the brunette was gone, but the thought of her wasn't. Liam's hands squeezed both knee and chin, making Will's eyes start to sting, for real this time.

"'e's a sod. A blood wanker and I 'ate him." Will muttered, throwing himself at Liam's chest, wrapping his arms around his neck. Liam caught Will, a good thing that he was used to doing it or they would have both been in the floor. He rubbed shaky shoulders soothing them down to a dull roar before making Will look at him again.

"Will baby. That's not true. You don't hate him, and he's not a wanker..." Liam always had to stifle himself when he repeated Will's numerous and colorful Englishism. His own very American accent making them sound pretty silly too. Will begrudgingly gave into the hand lifting his chin.

"He's a sweet boy. Just a little high strung and for whatever reason you two seem to get on each others nerves." Liam's thumb stroked over Will's chin and across his lower lip. Will kissed it absently, an automatic reaction, but it still made Liam smile. Will's affections came through no matter how upset he was. Something Liam had always taken comfort in, reassurance that he was doing the right thing where Will was concerned. He watched his thumb tracing those lips and the delicate line of his chin, so smooth, so soft and still somehow they held the undertone of everything he was. Liam felt the pull, that little tug at his heart strings that Will alone seemed to have the reins to. He could get lost just looking at her, watching how she moved, laughed, and even now how she pouted and looked like she really did want to start sobbing again. He blinked, and shook his head. No. Will couldn't be allowed to just get away with things.

"I don't have to know the reasons, but when he comes back you will not say a thing about him being punished and you will accept the apology I have no doubt Wes will have him make. That's strike two. No more tonight. Do you understand me Will?"

Will nodded looking up from under long dark lashes.

"'e's such a bloody wretch though. I don't see how Wes puts up with 'im." Liam let Will retake his place snuggling under his chin, just as well since it hid his own smile which Will would not appreciate. This little girl can never just let things go. Xander is a problem but not one that couldn't be dealt with, Liam made another note to himself to have that little chat with Wes.

"Will they're both new to this sort of relationship and are trying to find their way. You remember how it was baby." Liam said, stroking all that long hair as it fell down his arm around Will's back. Liam's smile lit up his face. How it was? How it is? How it probably always will be. Liam almost chuckled.

"Xander is sensitive Will. This is a really tentative time for them. Don't go stepping on his toes around Wes alright?"

Will's eyes dropped, his fingers twined again into Liam's jacket, his nails digging the leather lightly. Red against black. So I don't know how I feel, and Xander's just a sweet misunderstood boy. Oh just fine. So what does that make me? Oh and joy..I have to forgive him? He called me a freak, a Clydesdale and some how I am sure he was trying to say I am a depilatory addict. Oh and never mind strike two...go for strikes three four and five too for all the good they were doing me. Were there five strikes? Will hrumphed, slumping further, wrinkling his dress, and pulling his knees up not caring that the skirt fell up his legs, nearly revealing his lace panties and just a little bit more.

"Awright. Seeing as I don't 'ave a choice." He muttered, pouting little lips firmly in place.

Liam rubbed his eyes, and tried to wipe the smile off his face. Will shifted becoming more and more disheveled. Something he did when he was upset or thinking or any of a number of other reasons. He really was such a little girl sometimes. If Liam had looked down and seen her sucking her thumb and twirling her hair, he really wouldn't have been surprised. Liam ran his fingers over Will's soft bared back, up and down in soothing motions.

"Thank you baby." He said, pressing a kiss to his temple, before looking toward the bathrooms. Whatever the hell this was between him and Xander they would have to get over it. Wes was a dear friend, and for all of his bratty behavior Xander really could be very sweet. If only Wes would take a firmer hand.  Liam's eyes swept over the club and off in the direction Wes and Xander had gone. 



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