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The Princess and the ....Part 3

Title: The Princess and the.....PART 3

Author: Myst

Rating: NC-17 overall

Pairing: Liam/William

Fandom: BTVS/ATS

Disclaimer: Not mine but I do love taking them out of the box now and then

Warnings: slash, transvestitism,!Daddy kink, little girl play

Status: WIP - part 1/?

Summary: AU- Will is the lovely and beautiful transvestite Liam shares his life with. This is just a weekend in the life of sort of thing. The things that can happen with your boy, just loves being a girl.

Beta-d by: angelspike69  *huggles and pets the pretty beta* thanks again hunny!!

Dedication: Thanks to moma jinxwatcher ....infinate patience....*HUGGLES THE MOMA BEAR*

Feedback: Yes please...and did I say yes?? I think I did but just to be sure....YES PLEASE!! Ok. I'm really alright. I promise.

LJ username: greeneyeddevilm


Website: Shadows in the Mirror archive as kept by JINX

Spoilers: Absolutely none...completely AU

NOTE: Putting this out in small chunks.....little blocks of time....And the icon is by yours truly...

Previous parts can be found here:  uno,  dos


A few hours later

Liam finished buttoning his shirt, checking his hair in the mirror. An absolute doll drew him deeper into the mirror. His eyes took up the smile crossing his lips. Will was absolutely beautiful, and as Liam had decided earlier had his hair down in all it's flowing golden glory. The smooth planes of his shoulders were framed by the loose strands. Simple straps of shiny pale stones were the only break in his view of petal soft skin. Turning his gaze slid down and over soft crushed velvet. The dress was perfect. It molded to his body like it was painted in place, and didn't dare move without permission. The neckline left his chest bare, accented by the makeup he liberally applied, especially when going out. Liam did forbid him from wearing the falsies he so dearly loved. He told him that they looked cheap. Will had pitched one holy fit the first time, but Liam being Liam stood his ground. Will got over it eventually and now satisfied himself with the highlights he was allowed to put on. Long pale legs could be seen from under the less than modest skirt the dress sported, Will rarely wore stockings and as far as Liam was concerned he never needed to. He was flawless. Simple black heels were accented with the same pale stones on his straps thus finishing off his outfit.

"Hello gorgeous." Liam sighed, holding his arms out for his beauty. Will went to him without a word, snuggling into his embrace, his own grin lighting up his face and eyes.

"Hello luv." Will said in return, wiggling as usual. Liam could nearly feel the thrum of energy rolling off his beloved little girl. He chuckled softly into all that hair, feeling it tickle him, the memory of playing in it stirred things up that would definitely have them staying home, but Will really did need the night out, and he looked far too pretty to keep home.

"Come on baby, time for us to get going. The club should be sufficiently packed enough by now for you to make an entrance." Liam teased lightly as he slid his hand down Will's arm, taking his hand.

"Don't make a bloody entrance. Can't help it..." Will giggled, but the smile didn't touch his eyes as he looked at the back of Liam's head while being guided down the hall and out to their garage.

Liam grabbed Will's wrap and his own leather jacket on the way out. Helping Will place it just so, it was of the same material as the dress with elegant tassels along the ends. He smiled as Will snuggled into it, while settling him into the car. He snapped the seatbelt that Will detested, ignoring the scowl. Going to his own side he got in, starting the Mustang. Listening to the low rumble from the engine and letting the vehicle warm up a bit before pulling them out into the darkness that now enveloped the city.

Will fidgeted, looking between Liam and the scenes passing the windows, nibbling crimsoned lips, while rubbing his crossed arms. Great now he thinks I'm too dramatic. Replaying that little tease over and over in his far too blonde little head-- his fidgeting grew to clearly epic proportions. Liam reached out and gave his knee a little squeeze.

"It's alright baby. You look fantastic. They'll all stop in their tracks." Liam offered sincerely, giving him a little smile before going back to his driving. Will returned the smile, and turned his eyes right the hell back out the window. Ohh so they'll all stare at me. Must look like some *old* freak.

Liam sighed, but said nothing else as he drove them toward what he hoped would be more than a few hours respite from Will's mood du jour. Will must have rearranged his wrap about a hundred times during that 20 minute drive-- the street scenes doing absolutely nothing to interest him. Dramatic, and a show off and they're all gonna stare at you is as good as they are all gonna laugh at you. Well thanks a lot mate. Will shifted in his seat again, throwing one long leg over the other, kicking his heel.

They pulled into the parking across from Mythos just as Will was about to break a cardinal rule and start nibbling on one long and well manicured nail. Liam had told him if he had to have him to the nail shop more than the prescribed follow-ups because of him nibbling he was not going to be too happy. And well and unhappy Liam, was sure to make an unhappy Will. More importantly an unhappy Liam usually ended with Will's ass being very unhappy.

Liam got out of the car and came around to help Will out. Will watched him. Liam really was very elegant. His dark blue silk shirt peeked out from under his sinfully perfect leather coat. His pants were black and the softest seude. They moved in ways that were just too good to be believed. Will licked his lips, shifting again as he looked up at Liam standing over him. He took the offered hand to get out of the car. He shimmed a bit to straighten his skirt, and felt the pull of his undergarments, but knew they were in place. He let himself hang free at home, but when out and about a lady had to look her best. Which meant no peeking or poking little boy parts. He stilled the rumblings in his head as the first thumps of music reached out for him. His eyes scanned and quickly roved over the entrance. There was a line, what a pity. A pity for the poor saps stuck in it he thought as his smile curled maddeningly red lips.

"Roberto's on the door...." He giggled with a little squeal. Liam followed the look, and sure enough, there was a brilliantly adorable hunk of a thing in pants that were too tight, and a shirt that was a mere suggestion of cloth and a prayer. Liam grunted, and wrapped his arm around Will's waist as he clicked the locks on the car and walked them across the street, mindful of the traffic. Will giggled again, curling into the possessive touch.

" caveman grrrr..." He purred up just under the *spot* on Liam's neck, before pressing a soft kiss there. Liam moaned, over a very pleased smile, squeezing his armful of brat just before they landed on the red carpet outside the door.

"You know it little girl." Liam murmured back.

Roberto was beaming from ear to ear when Will wiggled his way out from under Liam's manly man act, and fell hands first on to the nearly *bare*, but fully *there* chest of the Latin hunk.

"ROBERTO!! Oh you look good enough to eat luv." Will called out for god and everyone to hear.

"Will. Oh look at you girl. You are fierce tonight!!" Roberto shot back. The winning smile, rugged good looks and big hands sliding up Will's arms had Liam at Will's back, arms around his waist faster than you can say crime of passion. Roberto to his credit laughed, and nodded to Liam.

"Liam good to see you too sweetie. Don't worry ain't nobody takin' your lady from you tonight." He announced hands up in mock surrender, watching as Liam very strongly guided them the hell away from him.

Will shrugged off his human blanket long enough to do what he always did-- Make himself known.

He kissed cheeks, using his wrap as a stole and gesturing with it wildly, working it for all it was worth. He bent low to lean into heated liquor soaked breaths as they intimated greetings and rumors of all sorts. Will laughed, threw his head back, and leaned into every set of arms right there ready, willing and able to catch him. Liam watched the show, but this was how things were. Roberto might be an aggravation, a point of Will playing with his jealousy, but inside here that all melted. Will was playing his part, having his fun. Liam went to the bar and got the drinks. He didnt have to ask, Will always drank the same thing.

"Belini, and a Guinesse, Tommy." Liam called over the din. The bartender smiled, setting the drinks on the bar already knowing what Liam wanted.

"Like you have to ask Liam. Reeeeaally." Rolling his eyes with a wide grin. Liam laughed, taking the drinks and paying the tab as he went.

It only takes someone like Will about two seconds to get into trouble, and well he'd had a full five minutes. Soooo not good.

Liam could hear Will's voice over the thrum of music which was loud enough to make you feel like you had a second hearbeat, and the talking and laughter of everyone around him.

"Look you bloody cow. Maybe if you'd do a bit of something with that carcass y're carryin' 'round 'e wouldn't be grabbin' m'arse. Now I suggest you piss off before I give you one t'match 'is." Liam reached the little circle gathered around the spectacle, all bright faces, some too drunk to care, and others definitely more than a little interested. In the center of it all of course, was Will. Liam groaned, taking in the sight.

Will's eyes were ablaze under the garish flashing lights, and rolling smoke from both patrons and machines alike. He was panting, and had himself drawn up to his full height over another of the *ladies,* whose date was apparently the reason for this little show. Well Liam figured he was since he was the one laid out on the floor face down in a nice little bed of cigarette butts and spilled ooooh god only knows what. Will shook his long mane out again, inches from the face of one very pissed off princess.

Where Will was long lines, and elegant dress the other was rhinestones, too much makeup and bottle blonde without the good taste to touch up his roots before coming out in public. Ohh and god help us all he was even wearing a tiara--which was completely askew, some of Will's handiwork if the handfuls of hair were anything to go by. Liam shook his head, seeing bouncers heading their way. Liam knew how bad that could get. Will had a nasty habit of getting a little over enthusiastic. Oh hell...he kicked two bouncers asses and fed the a third his microphone the last time he got in a tussle. Liam's eyes slid over the crowd, judging how long he had to fix this. That was when he saw a familiar face taking far too much glee in what was going on.

"Xander." He breathed. Yeah someone up there definitely didn't like him. He'd never hear the end of it, and neither would Will, which meant TROUBLE. Moving into the clearing, Liam shoved the drinks at Xander giving him a very meaningful look. Catching Wes moving back through the crowd and thanking everything for that. He turned, back to the matter at hand.

"YOU BITCH!! Nobody wants your boney ass" The shorter dirty blonde shoved Will, catching him in the midsection and forcing him back a few feet but not before Will managed to get another handful of the more than messy up do. Will tugged and tiara boy pulled. Will's hair whipped around him as he gave another hard tug, his nails dragging through free flying strands.

"Boney ass?? You cousin kissin', brother fuckin; red neck hill billy. You wish you had this ass." Will growled drawing back for an all out punch. If that happened all bets were off. Catfight is one thing, bar brawl quite another, as the last three bouncers would be happy to tell you.

"Will I think that's about enough." Liam said. While his voice was not loud--it was heard, by both of them. They stopped their jungle cat circling and both pairs of blue eyes glared at him. A weaker man might have shrunk, but not Liam. He just wasn't built that way. He crossed his arms and sent daggers right back at both of them.

"Wot?? I didn't do nothin'. Bloody bugger grabbed m'arse. I told 'im t'stop it and 'e did it again." Will protested, starting to get misty under that hard look from Liam. He angrily rubbed one eye nearly taking it out with a careless nail. He shook his hand as it watered some more.

"Oh now look what you've made me do you stupid bint." He swore.

"Bint? What the fuck is a bint. You trashy wanna be princess. My Warren wouldn't have anything to do with the likes of you." The shorter blonde sniped back, his arms crossed over his chest, completely ignoring the mewling form now starting to move on the floor.

"Both of you. I said that was enough." Liam scowled, he knew both offenders here. Of course Will would have to get mauled by his arch nemesisssss' boyfriend. Just had to be the way didn't it??

The other blonde adjusted her tiara in the mess of tangled locks, before throwing her shoulders back indignant and defiant.

"You are not *my* daddy...." He spat, a whole hell of a lot more meaning in that little retort than most leering around the perimeter were privy too. Will started to attack, full on hellcat in his eyes, when Liam spoke.

"No Lindsay I'm not. But if *that* is *your* daddy. Well...I am so sorry." Coming from Will it would have earned oohs and ahhhs...and probably been the spring board for the almost imminent catfight. Where as on the other hand, Liam's dead calm voice, and steady cold stare brought out the water works. Bright pink nails covered Lindsay's face as he became the amazing disappearing princess-- up, up and away... Or more likely trip, trip and scream. Lindsay's howls echoed like something far off and well wounded.

"Good riddance." Will stamped his foot, satisfied grin firmly in place, as he went to lean against Liam. Liam took his embrace, rubbing his back, but whispering in his ear.

"You are in sooo much trouble." Will whimpered and nodded, sniffling but determined not to start crying now. He stood back up just as a loud groan from the floor alerted them to the fact that someone was definitely awake.

Liam looked down at Warren for all of about a second, then hauled him up nose to nose.

"You ever think about Will, let alone touch her, and you'll wish I'd let her finish you." Tossing him to the bouncers as they arrived into the dissappating throng of lookey loos. "You feel me?" Liam snarled, his eyes set on Warren's. Warren groaned again falling where he was thrown and just barely being caught by the bouncers, he held jaw and nodded.

Liam turned his back on the whole mess, returning his attention to Will-- who looked like a kicked puppy. He smiled and decided punishment could be for later. They were here to have fun. He put his arm around Will's waist and led him over to where Xander was damn near levitating in place he was so excited and bouncy. Liam shot holes right through his little cloud nine ride with one look. Deflated, he shrunk back, nuzzling Wes' shoulder. Wes put an arm around him, and rolled his eyes before giving Liam an apologetic smile.

"Hello Liam. Will." He offered, shrugging off Xander's persistent groping to give them each a friendly hug. Xander reclaimed his place immediately, wrapping his arms around Wes' waist. Wes tolerated it patiently as he did everything with Xander. If he didn't have the patience of Job before he met his love, he sure as hell did now. Liam didn't envy him, not one bit.

"Hello Wes. Xander." Liam nodded, hugging Will a little closer, which he gave into, dragging one finger under his eye, wiping away the last of the tears lingering there. His polish glimmered dull red under the odd lights. Liam kissed his cheek, and smiled.

"Baby why don't you go fix your make up. Lindsay left and so did his daddy du jour. Go on now. You'll feel better." Liam soothed, pushing Will in that direction, before taking they're drinks from the little table Xander had put them on. Will was slow about going, looking back frequently, his sad eyes showing no sign of easing up. Liam kept smiling, sure that if he just got them back on track everything would be fine. He could see the bathroom from where they were, and there was a clear path there and back. Will didn't need a babysitter, he need self control. Liam sighed as he thought that one through again and was just about to head after him.

"Liam I am sorry." Wes broke in. "I stepped to the loo, and didn't realize Will was on his own." He continued truly looking a little worriedly after Will.

Liam shook his head taking a sip of his beer.

"It's alright Wes. Nothing for you to be sorry for." He said, giving his friend's hand a little squeeze.

"Well little tease shouldn't be sticking his ass out if he doesn't want it grabbed." Xander mumbled, into his glass. Liam didn't have a chance to respond. Wes made short work of the few very public and very sound smacks across Xander's backside, making him gulp down the last of his Manhattan with a dry wheeze.

"You little boy should be less concerned with calling names, and more concerned with apologizing." Wes punctuated his words with another smack before letting go. Xander sooo wanted to protest and have an all out fit, but when faced with not one but two very steady and cool tops, he whimpered and dropped his head.

"M'sorry alright?" He muttered shuffling off toward the bar before Wes could get hold of him again.

Wes sighed, and tried again at looking apologetic, over his obvious frustration. Liam sighed, running his hand through his hair, before taking another swig of his beer. It was cold, bitter and a little bit sharp as it went down.

"Want to tell me what he just apologized for?" Liam asked, before taking another drink. Wes ducked his head a little, playing with the grain of the table, while his eyes roved over the writhing dancers. Each one following the beat in their own way, each one beautiful and so young. He sighed, and looked back at Liam-- Sometimes he just felt so old.

"He's the one who told Will who pinched him. He egged it on." Wes said finally, taking down that last of his scotch and soda-- More water than anything by now, Wes was not notoriously a big drinker, but somedays, that boy...

Liam's sympathy poured out, his smile warmed, and his eyes were more mellow.

"Wes. You really do need to do what I told you." He said, looking back at the pouting boy at the bar, tipping his bottle to him with a stern but affectionate look. Xander pretended he didn't see it, whipping his head back to the bartender hard enough to make him wince.

"I know Liam. It's just up til now I really thought my hand was enough." Wes shrugged.

"Well. I've got an extra paddle if you need it. Or you could use a hairbrush." Liam offered, taking another drink, letting his eyes wander now.

"Looks like I might have to take you up on it." Wes sighed, looking back at his sweet, but infuriating love.

Liam watched all the pretty boys in cages on table tops, on and off the dance floor. He also saw the pretty *girls* too, all of them just too beautiful to be real. But there they were for all the world to see-- in everyway that they could be seen. Legs and arms, chests and backs all slicked with sweat, some glittered with the makeup they applied, some just had a natural glow and still others had pure intoxication to help them along. Liam drew in a breath, smoke, musk, spilled beer and a me'lange of more perfumes, essential oils and lotions than could not possibly be safe to have trapped in one building. Let alone one nose. Liam rubbed his, and tried very hard to remember to breathe through his mouth. Seeing every kind of human that walked the earth somewhere here, he only wondered about one.

"Wonder what's taking Will so long?" He mumbled, over another sip.

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