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THE PRINCESS and the ....PART 8

Title: The Princess and the.....PART 8

Author: Myst

Rating: NC-17 overall

Pairing: Liam/William

Fandom: BTVS/ATS

Disclaimer: Not mine, but I do love taking them out of the box now and then

Warnings: slash, transvestitism, Daddy! kink, little girl play.

Summary: AU- Will is the lovely and beautiful transvestite/drag queen whom Liam shares his life with. This is just a few days in the life of sort of thing. The things that can happen when your boy, just loves being a girl.

Shorter header more flist friendly!! :0)

Beta-d by: NO ONE mistakes are all mine!!
Dedication: Thanks to moma jinxwatcher   ....infinite patience....*HUGGLES THE MOMA BEAR*
Feedback: Yes, please...and did I say yes?? I think I did, but just to be sure....YES PLEASE!! Ok. I'm really alright. I promise.
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Website: Shadows in the Mirror archive as kept by JINX
Spoilers: Absolutely none...completely AU
Note: Special thanks to spikepuppet69   for making me laugh and the vids and ohhhh the wonderful RP!!! ....ICONAGE is by rubyblushu   ain't she a doll...
Previous parts can be found here: BUT DADDY!!!!

It looked pretty harmless really. Little squares of chocolate. Will smiled, chocolate - Xander's favorite. The brownies were mixed and sitting in the bowl looking up at him expectantly, well as expectantly as a bowl of ready made goo can look. The little *chocolate* squares were chopped up now and also giving him the look- although the chocolate's look was less along the lines of expectant and more a long the lines of accusing.
"Wot?" He asked blinking at them both. Haven't done anything yet so don't get your knickers in a bunch. Besides Bland-er just loves chocolate. Big puffed up....not like he needs it lords knows. What he needs is that bug blown the hell out of his ass, that's what he needs. Will looked back at the blue box the *chocolates* had come in. Gentle relief, it said back at him. See there. I *was* trying to be kind, just help him out with that little bug problem. Will's giggle snort was abruptly cut short.
"Hmm? What did you say baby?" LIam hummed coming down the stairs and into the bright open spaces of their generous kitchen. The room was always awash in warm golden light this time of day, it was pleasant and soothing against the dull stone textures and colors the river rock tiles they had chosen afforded the room. Liam always loved this kitchen. The wide cool marble counters, the uhh... Well the cook was the best addition actually. Will standing there in baggy jeans that hung far too low on his hips and a tight baby doll t shirt in lightest baby blue. His hair pulled up into the chopsticks he just adored, they held his hair in a loose bun at the back of his head letting curls twine down and around his face. Adorable. No other word for him. No matter what he wore, or what sex he most embodied, he was precious.
Oh shit. Will's eyes jumped up and tried to look out the back of his head to no real success, while his hands made short work of finding somewhere else for the tell tale box to be. It found a nice little home under a tea towel and the sqaures were dumped into the bowl which he started mixing furiously.
"Ahh...oh... Nothing. Just mixing the last of the add ins for Blan...I mean Xander's brownies." Will said, trying very hard to keep the growl out of his voice when mentioning the bane of his existence.
Liam grinned, coming up behind Will, wrapping his arm around her waist, resting his head on her shoulder.
"So brownies it is. *Xander* will appreciate it I'm sure. Now Will you are going to behave, right? I don't want to have to have a discussion about proper names in front of them. Do you?" Liam cautioned, giving her a kiss on the neck before moving off to get something out of the refridgerator.
Will continued mixing away, eyes in the bowl.
"Proper names? Oh well I do hope someone reminds him mine is not freak, prissy, or *clydesdale*." Will did growl this time. Of course it was petite and sounded more like a little kitty rumble, but it was the effort that counted. His mixing of nummy *chocolate* went right on heading toward warp speed with each pass.
Liam watched the build up hiding his grin just slightly behind the refridgerator door. This was going to be an interesting evening. Looking back at what he was doing he grabbed the juice, before going to get a glass. Wes had better be having the same talk with Xander though or things were going to go really bad, really fast. Now if that happened, there's not much for me to do. I'd have to take them both in hand. Wes' feelings or not. I'm not having them tearing at each other tonight.
~At chez Pryce and Harris~
"Xander Lavell Harris!!!" Wes shouted at the bathroom door for about the tenth time.
"You come out of there right now!!" He also repeated, turning the handle again just in case. This was ridiculous. He couldn't stay in there forever. Of course. Wes noted looking at his watch. Over and hour was a new record for the boy. I know he's upset but really this has gone far enough.
Wes leaned on the door jamb and started trying to think of ways to get it off the hinge. Maybe I can get the screws off. Or maybe the widow. He is always forgetting to lock it. Wes turned over the ways he could get into the room that held his very upset and highly dramatic little boy. Now, another problem - I can probably get in, but then what? Lately and the club included spankings were having little effect on him. Other methods of punishment - time out, writing lines and increasing chores were more of a drain on him than on Xander. He couldn't stand for him to be unhappy, watching him sulk around or whine just made him get that all too familiar knot in his stomach, that niggling little question of whether or not he was doing the right thing.
Suddenly the door flung open and out stomped Xander, arms around his middle, he stormed right past Wes and into their bedroom without saying a word. Wes followed quickly behind him, worry and anxiety plain on his face.
"Xander. What has gotten into you? You are behaving like a spoiled child." Wes tried to scold, but his tone carried too much concern and not enough edge to make it stick.
"Oh now I'm a child? Spoiled too. Hmm....I see." Xander sniffed, scrubbing at angry watery eyes.
"Guess you better get me a babysitter then so you can go see his highness, CAUSE I'M NOT GOING!!" Xander yelled fliging his arms behind him in a all out fit.
Wes baulked just sllightly at Xander's outburst, blinking he collected himself as quickly as he could. This would not do. Not at all.
"Xander. You will mind your tone of voice and you are going tonight. That's enough." Wes said in an exasperated breath. He knew it was what needed to be said, but dark wet eyes, red and puffy bore into him and he faultered.
"I don't want to go. I have nothing to say to Blonde Ambition or his keeper." Xander said reining in his fit of temper just a little. He didn't like shouting, or being this upset, but damn it he didn't like being told he had to go make kissy face with his sworn enemy either. Especially after her bitchiness had just done the kiss and tell with his *boyfriend*.
"Well we are going and you are going to be polite. They are my dearest friends and Will is I'm sure truly sorry. He was drunk and something was bothering him." Wes said, rubbing his brow. I hope all of that is true. I really hope that's all it was. Wes' mind started to wander down that long road to hell, and he cut it off short. No. That's all it was. Something had gotten to Will, bothered him.
"I don't want to." Xander offered weakly, nibbling his lip. And why should I? He thought but didn't add. No reason to really. He's a little twat, and to Xander that was the end of reason. Nothing else to figure out. Absolutely no reason to even consider doing the wacky that Wes suggested. What was it about that freak that had not one, but two gay men coming to his defense? None of it made sense to him. Xander crossed him arms over his chest as if that settled everything. Done and done.
"Hmmph." Xander grunted.
"Well we are going. Try to be a little more understanding Xander. You have done more than one thing you regreted, or should I remind you of the rabbit you so thoughtfully gave Anya for her last birthday." Wes asked, not able to help the very slight but still very refined smirk that crossed his lips.
Anya, his teaching assistant. Why Xander had gotten it into his head that she fancied him, he'd never know. The thing he did know was Xander found out she was rabbit phobic and decided to give her a make up gift. The girl almost jumped out of her skin when she opened it and when she passed out she hit her head on a table. Xander nearly died. He felt so rotten he didn't want to ever come out of the little hole in the basement he'd crawled into. Wes hid his widening grin coughing under his hand. Xander couldn't be sweeter to her now, and of course she'd forgiven him. But judging from the wide eyes, and red cheeks Wes guessed the reminder had, had it's intended effect.
Xander's eyes dropped, right along with his wilting determination. Oh damn. It's really going to be a good day when that name doesn't turn me into a puddle of repentant goo. It was a joke. It was over a year ago. Haven't I earned a little redemption since then? He sighed, looking back at Wes, who to his credit looked stolid and set. Nope, no redemption there. Not a bit. Alright.
"Fine. You want me to go. Fine. Not like I have a choice. Not with freaking rabbit guilt hanging over my head." Xander grumbled, shoulders slumped.
Wes let his smile warm his face as he went to hug Xander up tight. Good, at least that was done. Oh but wait.
"And be good." Wes said, pullling back to look more intently at Xander.
"Fine." Xander ground out from behind a clenched jaw.
"Oh good boy." Wes praised, holding him close and stroking his dark shaggy locks. Xander tensed, then gave into the petting. He couldn't reisist it. Wes' hands were so soft and warm and felt really good in his hair. He turned his head and nuzzled into Wes' shoulder and neck. Then a thought occurred to him.
He kissed Wes' neck, soft butterfly kisses, just the way he liked them. Tender and playful, but not sloppy. Nudging Wes' ear with his nose, letting his tongue just barely flick out and catch the lobe. He breathed, his hands crawling up Wes' sides, over the untucked blue button up he had on. Wes always looked so good when he was a little bit sloppy. Too bad it didn't happen very often.
Wes' eyes closed and he drew a soft breath at the first kiss, then another. Those kisses were light, almost ghostly but each one burned. Sending a deep heat through his skin and up into his scalp. The light lick at his ear, matched with huffed breaths were just perfect. Soft, but stimulating enough to be the most lust induced grope to Wes. He was so sensitive, something he'd never been able to help. He pulled Xander closer, kneading the skin of his back over his pale grey t shirt. Cotton covered muscles rolled under his hand. He drew another panting breath.
Xander kissed up along Wes' jaw, ending in a feather light flick over his chin before pressing their lips together. A slide of silken skin, parting then pulled away before they can be explored. A smile, then another press, harder, hungry. Maybe if he could just get Wes' mind on something else....
Wes took each kiss, giving more back. He licked his lips when he felt them released, his eyes opening on a wonderfully open and if he didn't miss his guess *hopeful* face. Xander's bottom lip drawn up between his teeth, his head tipped down to look up through long dark lashes. His hair fell just over his brow. Picture perfect little boy come-eat-me-all- up face. As inviting an invitation as it was, it also gave Wes pause. Oh am I that bloody stupid?? Wes leaned in with a wicked smile, looked right into those dark pools and flicked his tongue across Xander's full lips until they parted again. Xander gave into the kiss, internally giving himself high fives all over the place. That quickly drowned out in the warm feeling crawling over him and down into very nice places. Very low, but very nice places. Wes slipped his tongue between offered lips, delving in and tasting his boy; feeling the warm slick slide of tongue over tongue as Xander let himself go under his ministrations. Finally Wes pulled back, with another long hard lick over murmuring lips.
"Xander. We are still going to Liam and Will's no matter how you try to distract me." Wes breathed, placing a tender peck on Xander's lips. Xander took a minute to realize that earth was calling, and another minute to register that he did not like what it was saying.
"Wha....What?" Xander said, clearing the his throat with a hard swallow.
"You heard me. We can play now, but we are still going over there tonight." Wes said in no uncertain terms.
Xander blinked. He shifted in Wes' arms and he blinked again. Abort. Abort. The jig is up. He tried to pull away, but Wes held onto him. He tried to shift again, but Wes was having none of it.
"Fine. Fine I have to go see Cinderella. FINE!" He snarled, trying to get away again, not able to manage to do anything but get Wes' arms even tighter around him.
Every little move registered somewhere on Wes' body. Xander's leg brushed his thigh, chests together, arms interlocked. He could still feel his boy's breath against his cheek, even from the little distance between their faces. The tiny struggles and his ability to contain them fed the spark that those first kisses had lit inside him. He knew what to do when he had his hands on Xander. Knew it was just a matter of time. He could feel it. Why couldn't he know that about other things? He held on to Xander and slowly, the muscles started to relax, and it wasn't long after that his dark tousseled head lay on Wes' shoulder. He let his grip slide up Xander's back and into those locks, stroking them softly. He held him like that for a long while, just letting the last of things ease out of him. In doing this he was sure. Every move was reciprocated and he could judge himself. If only everything with this boy were as easy as a well placed, if overbearing hug.
So strong, was the conclusion Xander's mind finally came too after calling Wes every name in the book and then throwing the book away and making up some more. All the while each muscle took it's turn in releasing his tension, and finally coming to strength. Firm strong arms holding him, not letting him go and keeping him safe. Anytime he was held by this man he remembered why he loved him, why he wanted things to work out. He lifted his head and nudged Wes' neck carefully. Wes pulled back and kissed his cheek, unfurling them from each other he took Xander's hand and led him to the bed, pulling him down and wrapping him up again in his arms.
Loving strokes, and warm kisses soon had them both panting and gasping. Sweat slicked skin moving in unision toward what they'd started in just the most chaste of kisses. Wes gripped Xander with hard hands, pulling him in tight as his release escaped him in a bellowed cry. Xander whimpered and struggled and tried to get more friction, but being held, made to be still, controlled, tripped a switch inside him, setting off blinding white lights to flicker behind his eyes as he joined Wes in calling out his climax. They panted, groaned and held each other until Wes could feel the tug of drowsiness weighting his eyes. He rubbed them with his free hand, and looked up at the clock. Maybe just an hour nap then. He set the clock, cuddling in closer to Xander, wrapping him up safe and sound as he settled into a light doze.
Xander's breathing slowed, his eyes closed, and he was content to just be here in his lover's arms. Now if he could just figure out how to get out of going to see the Princess and the..... Drool, snore, snort and Xander was out for the count.
Will pulled on a pair of loose fitting black slacks, they hung off him just so. The line of each hip rolled over the top of the pants a he moved. The pants outlined the curve of his ass as the flowed down his long legs. They were cinched at the waist but not tightly, leaving the better part of his stomach bared under a short red silk blouse. He slipped on his leather flats, as he finished putting in his simple diamond stud earrings. His hair was pulled a little more neatly up with his chopsticks, and framed his face in perfectly placed loose curls. His make up was simple and elegant, giving him a fresh clean look. He looked into the mirror again. The same mirror and same face he'd been staring at for the better part of an hour while getting ready, but this time he really looked. Sharp lined cheeks, too rugged and a firm set jaw, he pouted. He was pretty this was true; but he could still see every little boy line in that face. The Cosmo sitting out on the dresser echoed his opnion. The face looking up at him was soft in every way. He looked down, at his shirt laying flat against his chest. It was open a little showing the line of his pecs, but nothing else. Flat as a ruddy board. The Cosmo was also kind enough to answer that little sentiment with lush full curves and the just hint of cleavage. He sighed, took one more look and turned around. Bumping right into Liam.
Liam laughed, and wrapped his arms around Will, kissing her firmly. Breaking the kiss he hugged her again, nuzzling into her hair.
"You look beautiful baby." Liam whispered into her ear. She shivered, then shrugged him off.
"I suppose I'm presentable enough for your company." Will huffed, crossing his arms over his chest. Lamb to the bloody slaughter should look half as good.
"They are your company too Will." Liam said in his usual mild mannered tone. Reaching out to brush one long curl from her forehead he smiled.
"And remember if you're unhappy about having to apologize it's your own fault. No more sulking and you will be polite." Liam finished, cupping Will's chin up to him.
"Understood little girl?" Liam asked, double checking both blue eyes for even a hint of going a stray. Will blinked, smiled and nodded.
"Yes Liam. I'm to be the proper little priss. Oh wait should I get out the lace and under skirts? It is the attire of the day. Female repression and all." Will finishes making like he's going to the closet to fetch out his finest old time regalia.
"Will. Knock off the woman's rights act. Just stop it. Right now." Liam sighs, his voice low and holding a very slight, but very definate edge to it. He was not impressed with Will's little show, not one bit.
"Come here." He added, pointing directly in front of him. Will's eyes narrowed while he hung on to his disobidience as long as he dared, then he did what Liam told him to do. Arms crossed, pout firmly in place, looking up under long lashes. Check check and check. Liam stroked his cheek, cupping his jaw until he really looked at him.
"It'll be ok. But if you keep this attitude you're going to end up getting spanked, and I know you don't want Wes and Xander to see that." A gentle smile curled his lips, but nothing in Liam's tone was happy. He was dead serious and Will knew it. Oh bugger. Will's mind went to that little scene at the club, all that he could remember of it, and thankfully in that little vid Wes and Xander were no where to be found. I'll die. I'll fall out in the floor dead and then they'll all be sorry. I dunno officer. I was beating his ass one minute and the next he was dead. Will imitated Liam in his head telling the tale of his pitiful demise as they carted his body off under blue and red glowing lights.
Will was so lost in his little fantasy that he missed the first three times Liam tried to talk to him. Liam sighed, giving Will a little shake.
"I'm not dead yet!!!! NOOOO!!" Will howled breaking both Liam's thought and the noise laws simulatenously. Liam winced, but let the outburst take it's usual course, then started again. Ahh...the I'm dead and then they'll be sorry fantasy. Will liked that one a lot. Poor neglected baby, Liam thought with another sigh.
"Will." Liam tried again. "We need go finish up downstairs." Liam's fingers trace the outline of one sharp cheek.
"It'll be alright. We all love you. You know that baby." Liam confides, watching the pouty lip keep right on pouting, but stormy blue eyes started to clear. She'd be alright once this was over. It was going to be hard. She probably would have been dying to apologize to Wes, if she really stopped to think past one thing. Xander. Will just simply and truly could not stand the boy.
It started when they were first introduced. Will had worn simple sandals and a gauzey pale yellow sundress that wrapped around him adorably and was held up by two simple spaghetti straps. She looked gorgeous in the sunlight, like some back lit angel. Her hair catching the sun and finishing off the look in a halo of light.
They'd met in the park the 4 of them. The day was sunny and warm, blue skies and chirping little birds. There were kids everywhere. Darting this way and that, Liam and Will walked up holding hands, pointing out one child or another as they walked, laughing at the antics. Will always took up for the underdogs. He couldn't abide bullies. So near playgrounds Liam always stayed close to Will, it was either that or come back to find him either up to his elbows in mud pies, or barking at some poor woman about needing her tits removed since she certainly wasn't mothering anything. Both of which had actually happened.
Wes introduced Liam and Will in turn, smiles and hugs all around between the friends. Liam and Xander had actually met briefly over a lunch out with Wes, so his was more of a reintroduction. Will however was a different story. Xander was already sulking about being pulled away from his computer. He had friends to talk to, and besides there was a really good game he just downloaded that he wanted to play. The park, and meeting more of Wes' stuff old friends were not his idea of a good time. Unless it was the park after dark, behind the bushes without the friends. That would be a really good time. Bushes, dark, naked Wes, all of the good. His late night rendevous so not going to happen, he still nodded politely and took Liam's hand, giving it a firm shake. Then he actually looked at Will. He looked at Liam and then back at Will. Wes had told him Liam was gay. Very gay. Much with the gayness. He had also told Xander that his partner was a bit different. Bit different? Maybe a *bit* means something else in British, because that, whatever that was, was not a *bit* different. It was a whole freaking lot different.
Wes watched in anxious anticipation while Xander's adorably soft puppy dog brown eyes tracked from Will to Liam and back to him. Surprise, confusion and then blunt realization. Don't say it. Do not say it. Wes willed control toward his lover with every fiber in his being, of course doing this with just the simple pleading look of stormy grey-blue eyes had less of an affect than he would have hoped.
"What is it halloween? I thought it was May. It's May right Wes? Did I miss a whole lot of something? This wasn't a costume ball or something was it?" Xander asked, with his usual Harris tact. Wes sighed, rolling his eyes heavenward for strength. Oh god this boy.
"I'm sorry. I told him, but well..." Wes started, stammering and starting to clean his glasses. He was mortified, it wasn't the first time Xander had let his mouth run away with him, and it wasn't the first time he'd been at a loss for what to do.
Will blanched for just a millisecond. That's about all it takes for a really talented brat to sense another one. Just a blink of an eye. It's almost like another cock in the hen house. Of course cock's had the good sense to just kill each other and be done with it. Not brats. Brats preferred long lingering painfully drawn out kills. The kind you almost hate to watch.
"Excuse me?" Will drew himself up to his full height which was impressive on his little sandled heels.
"You shaggy little mongrel. I knew Wes had a thing for strays, but surely there were more choices at the pound." Will hissed taking a step toward the dark haired little boy. Oh no. I am not having some young dumb and full of cum pup nipping at me. Wes or not.
Liam knew what was coming, but not because he was looking at Will. He was fixed on Xander. Xander's eyes widened under those dark lashes, then narrowed. The point and counter point was starting. Things are not going any farther. I'm not having it. This boy maybe good for Wes, but he is not getting over on me or winding Will up either for that matter.
"Will baby. That's enough." Liam soothed, wrapping one arm around Will before the blonde firestorm, he could feel in every tense muscle, really cut loose.
"But...he's a little shi- " Liam cut Will off, tightening his hand
"Wes. You are not the one that needs to apologize." Liam said directing his attention back to Wes and Xander.
"What do you think Xander?" Liam asked with stern intention at a glance.
Xander baulked, taking an instinctive step just behind Wes ducking his head instantly shame faced. Woah. What the hell is that? May in California has no business being this cold. Xander shivered. I think I'm getting frostbite here, Xander thought as he nuzzled Wes' shoulder whimpering. Fix it Wes. I can't help it that thing looks like some kind of party favor. Xander nudged again, wrapping his arm around Wes for a little more security.
Wes sighed, closing his eyes for just that brief beautifully peaceful moment. Looking back at what Liam was leveling at Xander, he almost felt like doing just what he knew Xander was *almost* silently begging for....rescue him. No. That wouldn't do, looking at the hurt, rage rolling over Will he knew that wasn't an option. Grabbing Xander out from behind him, he pulled him out and presented him to them both.
"Liam asked you something Xander." Wes said quietly.
Xander bolted, running off through the park at warp speed. Wes stood for a minute not entirely sure he just saw what he thought he saw. No. No Xander, just grass. Looking back at Liam and Will he sighed heavily.
"I swear I thought he knew. I'm sorry." Wes offered his friends in simple but heartfelt apology.
"Probably better go after him Wes." Liam said giving his shoulder a squeeze.
Will's narrow eyed stare could have cut stone.
"Yeah you know they have leash laws here. Might get a ticket." Will chimed in. Liam's side long glance was enough to still the further dissertation on the need for getting all his shots.
"I'm sorry." Wes nodded, before turning from one problem and setting off to face another. Now where the hell has Xander gone off to?
It took Wes about twenty minutes to A-find Xander, and B-gently but firmly convince him that he would be going back to both apologize to and spend some time with Liam and Will. The promise of writing lines and a special place in the corner were enough at this point to make things clearer to Xander. They hadn't graduated to spankings above simple swats yet. It was however fast approaching that time and Wes knew it. The trouble was he wasn't sure what he would do when it came to that.
Xander made his begrudging apology and Will accepted with about as much grace as he could muster. Of course, "Fine you sodding wanker," was probably not the most ladylike of acceptances. Which Liam explained in no uncertain terms when they excused themselves to a small grove of trees.
The two *children* spent the next half hour exchanging glowering stares and scowls. While Wes and Liam talked about something they were working on, completely ignoring the toadstools sitting on each side of them.
The tinkling of an ice cream cart got Will's attention. His eyes fluttered as he scanned for the sound. Well at least I can have something sweet. Liam promised. Will tugged at Liam's sleeve as he found what he was after.
"Liam. Over there. I want a screwball." Will said, getting up elegantly from the little wooden table. Liam always admired how she could look perfectly in synch with everything around her, no matter if she was in a ballroom, or a barnyard. She moved and behaved with style and ease.
Liam started to get himself up, when he heard a thunk and a whine. Xander was sprawled out on the ground next to the park bench. Apparently also having heard the tinkling little bells, and gotten a little too excited tripping over his own two feet.
Will burst out laughing, hands on knees gaffaws spilled out, and probably would have continued to do so if Liam's hand on his back hadn't made that a very distant impossibility.
"Oh but Liiiiiam." Will protested as he was lead off toward the truck.
"Will if you want an ice cream I suggest you let that lie right where it is." Liam said conversationally. Will looked over his shoulder from time to time, still giggling watching Xander get up with Wes' help. He fell twice before he managed it. Stupid sod, can't even manage his own two feet.
Making it the to ice cream truck without further problem Will pushes ahead and makes his order.
'Screwball." He chirps bouncing happily, evil grin in place as Xander comes up beside him.
"Oh that's appropriate." Xander mumbled, rolling his eyes.
Liam and Wes stood a few feet back letting the two of them get what they wanted. The two of them could surely manage ordering ice cream with some amount of civility right? Well that's what they thought anyway.
Will took his order, shooting big pink daggers at the dark little boy standing next to him.
"You know shaggy I think they have doggie ice cream here." Looking him up and down, taking a lick from the sherbert cup.
"Then again maybe you should think about ordering something of the diet variety. Get some of that baby fat off." Will said, adding his sweetest smile over the top of another very naughty lick.
"You little .....agggghhhh I don't even know what the hell you are! Freak! He-she? IT? I am not a dog and I'm not FAT." Xander nearly shrieked. How could that thing say anything about how I look? Look at it! It's all soft and prissy, but I know that's a damn adam's apple and those calves don't belong on any woman I know. And I am soooo not fat. NO. Well. I did have to get a size bigger this time. I don't care. I'm not fat! Why is it that somethings just seem to fall into place in a certain way? Xander reached out in outrage at precisely the same moment the attendant decided to hand him his double fudge swirl, which was out in the bright sunshine for all of about two seconds before it landed on Will's very pretty and now very ruined pale yellow dress.
It had taken Wes and Liam about 15 minutes to man handle the two of them apart. Both were covered in ice cream and dirty and god knows what else from the ground and whatever they could reach inside the little ice cream wagon. Panting and filthy, mortal enemies had been forged.
Liam shook his head as the memory faded. Maybe civil behavior was just a far gone conclusion. He wasn't asking them to kiss and make up. Although.. That thought trickled through his mind for several lingering seconds. No. I'm just asking them to be polite. Not call each other names. Hell would a smile kill them? Of had been Will's less than guiless smile that had started the latest battle on the Xander front. Liam sighed. Maybe he just couldn't win.
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