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THE PRINCESS and the .....PART 7

Title: The Princess and the.....PART 7

Author: Myst

Rating: NC-17 overall

Pairing: Liam/William

Fandom: BTVS/ATS

Disclaimer: Not mine, but I do love taking them out of the box now and then

Warnings: slash, transvestitism, Daddy! kink, little girl play.

Summary: AU- Will is the lovely and beautiful transvestite/drag queen whom Liam shares his life with. This is just a few days in the life of sort of thing. The things that can happen when your boy, just loves being a girl.

Beta-d by: Nope not yet,  but coming soooooon!!!

Dedication: Thanks to moma jinxwatcher  ....infinite patience....*HUGGLES THE MOMA BEAR*

Feedback: Yes, please...and did I say yes?? I think I did, but just to be sure....YES PLEASE!! Ok. I'm really alright. I promise.

LJ username: greeneyeddevilm 


Website: Shadows in the Mirror archive as kept by JINX

Spoilers: Absolutely none...completely AU

Note: This chapter is all eatenbyweasels's fault.  Dirty filthy talk of ice lollies and ice cream ...*huggles the naughty woman* </span> Putting this out in small chunks.....little blocks of time....And the icon is by rubyblushu  ain't she a doll???

Previous parts can be found here: BUT DAAAAAADDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pairing: Liam/William

Fandom: BTVS/ATS

Disclaimer: Not mine, but I do love taking them out of the box now and then

Warnings: slash, transvestitism, Daddy! kink, little girl play.

Summary: AU- Will is the lovely and beautiful transvestite/drag queen whom Liam shares his life with. This is just a few days in the life of sort of thing. The things that can happen when your boy, just loves being a girl.

Beta-d by:

Dedication: Thanks to moma jinxwatcher ....infinite patience....*HUGGLES THE MOMA BEAR*

Feedback: Yes, please...and did I say yes?? I think I did, but just to be sure....YES PLEASE!! Ok. I'm really alright. I promise.

LJ username: greeneyeddevilm


Website: Shadows in the Mirror archive as kept by JINX

Spoilers: Absolutely none...completely AU

Note: This chapter is all eatenbyweasels 's fault...naughty woman!!! Putting this out in small chunks.....little blocks of time....And the icon is by rubyblushu ain't she a doll...

Previous parts can be found here:


Liam knew she didn't see him when she started her covert operation. He had been standing in the long shadow of the hall, watching her surreptious little glances as she tip toed across the kitchen floor. Will had been too fixated on what she was after to really *see* anything though, so Liam crossed his arms over his bare chest and just watched.

She was truly adorable when being bad. Her pink painted little toes curling into the calf of one soft pale leg. Tiny little cut off sweat pants matched her nails in a baby soft shade of lightest pink and accented the curve of her ass as she bent over the stolen carton. Her cropped worn in pale grey t shirt slid up revealing the elegant lines of her back. Early morning light caught curling golden strands of the ponytail drawn up at her crown and spilling over her shoulders. A purely pleased smile curled her pouty glossed lips as she enjoyed her forbidden treat. How could he stop something that pretty?

Fingers tipped in that same luscious shade of pink dipped into the box over and over, carrying globs of sweet cream and melting chocolate mixed with cherries up to her lips. Will moaned, her beautiful blue eyes closing in bad girl bliss as her tongue flicked the melting ice cream from her finger tips. Will sucked each finger in, cleaning off every trace of it she could find. 'Bloody ambrosia...'

Liam's hand slipped down his body as he watched, tickling his belly and finally cupping the dull throb growing with every flick of Will's tongue. 'Fuck would you look at that?' Liam shifted himself, relieving some of the pressure building inside his cotton sleep shorts.

Will groaned over his thumb as he sucked it back and forth between shimmering lips. His ass waving at Liam while he did a little happy dance, still leaning over his frozen treasure. 'Nothin' like ice cream for breakie, mh hmmmm.... Yummy yummy chocolate. I could eat the whole box.' Will hummed happily taking another scoop.

That does it.

"What are you doing little girl?" Liam asked, walking right up to her, not giving her any time to get away or make up an excuse. Not to mention trying to hide the *interest* in his pants that was making itself very well known at the moment.

It worked WIll didn't notice a thing, other than the fact he'd been caught. 'Oh shit.'

"Wha? Umm..." Will mumbled around the fingers stuck in his mouth. 'Caught, ohhh caught.' The offending fingers quickly found themselves behind his back, along with the carton as he turned to face his fate.

"Nothin'." Will said, swallowing hard and putting on a beautifully innocent smile. 'Oh can't I 'ave anythin'? Honestly! Bugger, balls, bollocks and shit.'

Liam's steady stare sent a shiver up Will's spine, or maybe that was the ice cream box pressed against his back. Either way it didn't do a thing for Liam's gaze, it was rock steady as his fingers trailed up Will's arm.

"Will." Liam said, his fingers making their way up further as he stepped closer. Their bodies just grazing, his cotton shorts brushing hers. 'God how could she be so soft?'

"Yes Liam." Will said over batting lashes, tipping her head just the right way. 'How could she be so soft aaaand so rotten!'

"Umm...Will." Liam tried again, leaning close enough to almost taste soft strawberry pink lips.

"Yes Liam." Will answers again, some of the little girl innocence act slipping with a twinkle in his eye and a giggle. 'Smile, bat, giggle, just look bloody adorable, awright?'

Liam's fingers made their way down Will's arm wrapping around her wrist, pulling her hand out like the smoking gun at a murder trial. Now presenting people's exhibit 1-5 for your examination - Pretty painted fingers dripping with vanilla ice cream and chocolate shavings, topped off with a cherry on the end of one finger.

Liam looked between the evidence and his bad little girl and back again. Will quickly nipped the cherry off his finger with a shrug, making the loose strands from her pony fall down into her eyes. Her hip pressed into Liam's as she moved. A smile started to work it's way over Liam's face, first his eyes, then his lips played catch up.

"We do have rules about utensils right?" Liam asked despite Will's best distractions, his was voice soft and steady watching the leavings of Will's decadence run in streaks down her hand and wrist. Will squirmed despite the gentle smile on Liam's face. 'Oh can't we just skip all that Liam...please?? Just go with me 'ere Liam. It'll be awright. I won't tell.'

"Uh huh. But it's better off fingers. It's cold and warm and salty-sweet all at the same time." Will protested, while he slowly licked his lips. Lick, flick, pucker and pout. Get into trouble, and that's how I get out.

"Really? That right?" Liam said, turning his attention back to Will's hand. Liam's tongue flicked the tips of Will's fingers, lapping the cool sticky drips off them and sucking the tip of the finger that had the cherry on it.

Will gasped frozen to the spot. Sensations of being far too warm rolled over him and settled low in his belly, with Liam's tongue ratcheting up the thermostat with every flick. Liam licked his lips, savoring the taste flowing over his tongue. It was everything Will said and more.

Will whimpered, his brow furrowed and his eyes were locked on Liam's lips, tongue and his own fingers. His little plans of distraction gone right the hell out the window. 'Oh damn, do that again. PLEEEASE.. Do that again. I'll be good. Really!! I can be good!!' Will pleaded with whatever deity of choice that took pity on cute little girls with very wicked daddies.

Their bodies rubbed against each other as Liam's leg slid between Will's.

"Got rules about what is and is not allowed for breakfast too." Liam said, letting his voice dribble out cool and smooth like rich whipped cream. Will shivered curling his fingers, using Liam's hold on him to pull even closer.

"Uh huh, but we 'aven't been t'sleep yet. So's sorta like dessert, yeah?" Will murmured, lids at half mast, lips pouched just so- not quite a pout but definately heading for one. Please mouth fingers, now pleeeease!!!

Liam took another breath, catching the smells around his lovely girl. The delicate musk and traces of vanilla made his mouth water over the taste already there. His hands crept up Will's sides, bracing him, holding him tight. Will felt the heat rising between them kick up another notch or four. This keeps up I'm gonna go up in flames. God it's 'ot in 'ere.

Or not...

"Mhh...." Liam hummed, eyes narrowing his face changing. 'Oh no where did that little smile go?' Will's little ball of warm-happy bounced right out of bounds. 'No. Don't think. Nothing to sus out. Oh bloody 'ell. There 'e goes. Going, going, gone... '

"Lying. Eating ice cream out of the box and with your fingers and arguing with me about it." Liam pronounced in a matter of fact tone, calm, cool and collected. 'Penguins 'ave more warmth than this man sometimes, Will thought. Damn somewhere there is a tyranical monarchy missing one devistatingly 'andsome dictator. Oh fuck! Oh fuck! OH FUCK!!!'

Will's eyes, smart little things that they are, were ahead of the game and had already started making very dramatic schematics of the available escape routes. 'I could shrink m'self and 'ope for Darla t'carry me off!! Oh why the bleedin' 'ell did I give up that witchcraft course. I know that rat spell would 'ave worked.'

The great escape no matter how well thought out, logical (Ha!), reasonable or mystical even, just wasn't happening, as WIll's eyes and the rest of him soon realized, when he was whirled around and roughly bent over the counter top.

"Liam!!! Wait!! NOooo!" Will yelped as cool air touched him in places a breeze just should not be. Looking down he saw his shorts not only yanked down, but apparently torn off!! That's about the time Will's eyes decided to attempt solo retreat by bugging out about ten feet and then some - while the rest of his body just floundered in pitiful pursuit.

Liam laid one hand across Will's back pinning him in place against the cold hard marble counter.

"Wot's wrong with you!!! Are you high? DId someone slip you something? I knew those sluts were up t'something. Waitresses are never that attentive!!!" Will wailed, turning his head as much as he could to Liam.

"Poor luv - here I'll help you. Just let me go. That's a good Liam." Will said, his voice choked off suddenly but the sight just over his shoulder.

Arctic ice flows had more appeal than Liam's expression at that moment. Will mewled biting his lip pitifully and suddenly deciding something on the swirly grey counter top was the most fascinating thing in the world. 'Oh not good. I was just eating ice cream for cripes sake!!!! What in the 'ell has gotten into him?? Oh no - into him??' Will's mind rattled and rumbled until it kicked reason out of the way and headed straight for Princess logic 101. 'Some alien!! That's it. Some alien species came and took over his sweet daddy. Oh poor daddy!!' WIll's mind raced a mile a minute *in heels* with that one. 'But 'ow did I miss the bloody pod then?'

Liam's free hand patted WIll's ass - pod people, alien inhabitants and just plain meanies aside - that pat got a whole hell of a lot more of Will's attention at the moment. Fasten your seat belts and perpare for impact in five-four-three-two- one.... Will's eyes decided duck and cover were about the best option. Squeezed tight into the upright and locked positions. WIll's hands gripped the counter, his buttocks locked up tighter than fort knox and his spine could have been easily mistaken for a high tension powerline. Then - long dramatic pause - Nothing. Liam's hand was gone and nothing. What the...? Cold was the next thought in our hero's very blonde little head.

Liam watched Will -every shuddering breath and it lit something very dark inside him. It wasn't something he consciously thought of everyday or something he had to have, it was just one of those deep dark little candies, he allowed himself every now and again. There was pure power here. He touched his little girl and she quivered, his expressions changed and so did her mood. It wasn't only in the things he told her to do. The things sometimes he made her do, but also in what she took from him on her own. He affected her so deeply every now and then it almost scared him. The other times, the ones where what she did and how she acted couldn't be traced, or shaped or guessed at - those were far from his mind now. They were part of what he loved about her, but so was this. *These* were the moments when all he knew was she was his.

Will wiggled and thought about looking over his shoulder again, then Liam spread another long wet stripe down his back.

"Do not move." Liam growled, fixing bright brilliant blue eyes with a chilling stare as he yanked her t shirt up off her back. Will trembled turning his head back, eyes down. Liam echoed WIll's tremors with his own.

Liam drew his fingers through the decadent ice cream -watching Will with enough intensity to melt the polar ice caps let alone a box of Cherry Garcia. His fingers pulled a huge glob of frozen confection down between Will's shoulder blades and over her spine. The chocolate shavings melted as he traced the lines of Will's body, leaving creamy chocolate and vanilla swirls in his wake. Bits of cherry clung to the trails he painted - one large chunk sitting just at the top of Will's ass. Liam's hands parted her cheeks without a word, letting that chunk and a thin line of rich sticky cream dribble between them. Liam watched, his breath huffing in short little pants, while the luscious stream ran down Will's cleft - the puckered skin catching the drops drinking them in making his hole look like the world's most perfect sundae.

Will's eyes shot open - staring blindly off into space. Cold - he could feel it chilling him in small stripes and painfully slow strokes. Liam's fingers repeated their trick, making his back so cold and sensitive it almost burned. His breaths trembled out in ragged puffs. The cold sticky slick feeling interspersed with being parted then pressed together by strong warm hands, and chilled fingers. Each time he wanted a little more. Just right there, a little bit to the ... Will groaned in frustration....loudly.

Liam's fingers teased - trailing in the mess, letting just the barest note of delicious iced thrill touch the rim of quivering muscle. 'Oh 'e is a right bastard. Gonna turn me into an ice pop and leave me here to melt into goo. Ahh fuck please!!' Will pushed his ass up trying to catch Liam's wicked cool digits when they pressed again.

Liam smiled but held his chuckling to himself. He didn't want that last little bit of mystery out of the game yet. Didn't want Will to relax - wanted the tension to build.

"Ah ah little girl." Liam said keeping his voice soft but firm. "Said don't move." Liam chided.

"M'sorry." Will whispered and Liam almost gave it up right there. Her voice the pleading in her movements. All of it poured over him like hot fudge - warm, rich, delicious. Too good to waste and too bad to rush.

"Poor baby." Liam cooed, "all messy." Liam said, just a hint of his smile touching his voice.

"M'so cold. Warm me up pleeeease?" Will begged, despite the raging inferno in his gut, he still felt the chill oozing into him. Liam's toes curled at that, the feeling that his shorts were again about twenty sizes too small coming back in to play. 'Oh this little girl.'

"Think I better clean you up a little first baby." Liam said, his hands firmly gripping her hips holding them right where they were. Good thing too since Will nearly bucked Liam off when his tongue made a hot smooth glide over Will's cold tortured skin. Liam licked and nibbled each and every glob and chunk covering Will's skin from the neck down. The taste of bittersweet dark chocolate, cool sweet cream and luscious cherries mixed with the salty warm tang of his baby's skin. Each bite made the next one harder and more difficult to break away from. A sharp nip to one chunk made Will squeal and jerk in Liam's hands. Liam did laugh at that and did it again.

"Oh damn Liam!!!" Will cried, reaching to rub the throbbing pocket of heat on his chilled skin.

Liam batted her hands away, giving her another nip.

"One more time baby and I'm not going to be very unhappy." Liam warned.

Will tried to be still - tried not to curse Liam for being some sort of sexual saddist and tried *really* hard not to jump out of his skin when Liam's tongue pushed into him. COLD, HOT, cold....oh fucking hell HOT.

Liam flicked the wrinkled skin pressing deeper feeling WIll give almost immediately around his tongue. He twirled it, tugging at the quivering ring of muscle, savoring another explosion of taste and sensation. Will's whimpered protests when he pulled back, were rewarded with Liam lapping at the tender skin surrounding his hole sucking up every drop of spilled cream. Liam's fingers dug into the round flesh of Will's ass, kneading it, pulling it apart. 'Can't keep this going for much longer.' Each drop he swallowed carried a throbbing pulse deep inside him that settled heavily in his groin. His cock felt like it was about to explode with the next swallow.

Booming sensory overload rolled over Will's brain and he was momentarily out to lunch as it were. His flesh seemed almost arctic next to the lava Liam poured into him with each long slow push of his tongue. Will's breaths were barely above short gasping pants and he felt like he was shaking all over. His nails tried very hard to dig rivulets into the counter - but it being marble and his nails being acrylic - it was just wasn't happening.

"Oh blood 'ell Liam!!" Will's vision threatened to wink out again with the next lick and push. They were coming faster and harder, not letting him think in between. His cock was hard aching and had no qulams with the no thinking bit, the only thing it wanted was more. 'Ok - he's trying to kill me. Well what a way to go!!!' Hard hands the graze of rough bristled skin between his cheeks with each lick. Strong muscled body leaning against him, reminding him of all the things he loved about this *man*. Yeah definately dyin' 'ere. No doubt, gonna die over eating ice cream without a spoooooooooonn....

Then nothing, again - but before Will could start to think or manage to turn his head, there was a very sharp smack across one very sensitive cheek.

"Who?" Liam said not able to hide the graveled husk in his voice. Will gasped gripping the edge of the counter, his back arched. That warm sting melted into so much cold, working its way right up his spine. 'Oh 'ell yes!!!'

"M'sorry *daddy*..... pleeeease." Will whined, desperately pushing his butt out looking for something, anything to touch it. His cock swung as he moved and made him groan as it hit his thigh in his panicky motions. Ok I'll just explode right here. That's fine, but he'll be sorry when I'm just wait and see....and........Oh...ooohhhhh.

"Ohhh.." Will moaned, a definate question in his voice, but then again...

The slip slide of ice, no not ice, something sticky wet and sooo cold, running between Will's cheeks. He pushed back trying to feel more, to tell what it was that *suddenly* invaded him. It pushed in easily on the saliva and ice cream that had been carefully worked into him. It pulled and pushed, sending a shiver right up and out the top of Will's head. His breaths fought with his lungs to pull in and then push out again without getting stuck one way or the other. Then that slow cold push touched the fun spongey button deep inside him and he howled. His vision said bye bye and his knees threatened to take a very definate leave of absence. No fear of him falling though, a strong wonderful arm saved him from hitting the floor by locking around his waist. His partial savior did not however rescue him from the iced pleasure-torture being driven into him again and again.

Cherry red trickles of melted ice lollie rolled down long pale legs while Liam watched. He leaned over Will holding her, steadying her as he pushed it in again and again, twisting it inside her and tipping it just right. Her whimpering cries sending shocks straight through him. Oh that is just...I could eat her alive, Liam thought licking his lips.

Iced cock? What? Oh hell, he really is an alien. Fuck!! and I really don't bloody well care! Will pushed back- pushed against the arm around his waist- he just pushed.

"Pleeeeease!!!!" Will begged, bright blue eyes daring to peek over his shoulder.

Liam couldn't stop. That was it. He pulled the ice pop out throwing it who knows where. Well Darla knew where, right in her food bowl. His fingers dug at the carton of melted ice cream and slathered his cock in short rough motions. Liam bit his lip...hard, closing his eyes. The chill from the ice cream barely penetrated the blaze roiling in Liam's belly as he reached for Will.

Will's breath caught in his chest. Caught and stuck. It wasn't coming out again. Contrasts. Cold, hot, sharp, aching...Liam pushed again.

"YES!!!! DADDY!!" Will cried, letting that breath out after all. His nails tore over the counter top again, making scritch scratch sounds and breaking more than a few of them.

Liam growled, leaning over and biting into a puddle of melted cream he'd left on one shoulder. His hands gripping smooth rounded hips, feeling the hard line of bone underneath as he bruised them. Shoving into Will again and again, feeling the trembling grip of slicked cool silk wrapped around him. This little girl, silk and satin, hard and soft. She was everything he'd ever wanted. He reached out grabbing the carton again, letting it fall off the counter as he swiped at a handful of the mess inside it. The ruined dessert ran down his hand and over Will's side as he slid it down and over her belly, down- down- down until he reached what he wanted. Wrapping his fingers around Will's hard shaft he started a fast rhythym, ,mixing the melted chocolate and thick cream with WIll's pre cum, making his hand a perfect tight channel.

Will moaned, pushing up on his toes. Moving back and forth his hips hitting the counter with each of Liam's thrusts, the little bark of pain just enough to keep him in the world. Then Liam's hand. A panic always touched Will just at first when Liam touched him there. It had taken for-freaking-ever for Will to even let Liam do that but, it was just that flicker of doubt now. Liam's hand curled again, gripping tighter and twisting with another hard thrust. Will's mind went blank, no more flickers, just hard fast and now.

"Daddy....ddddaddddy...yes dadddy.." Will stuttered over another set of thrusts.

Liam grunted setting his hips again. Oh yes little girl. Come on. The feel of hard cock slipping messily in his hand, the unbelievable hot suck of tight ass on his shaft. Soft golden hair spilling over smooth pale skin. Liam leaned over again near Will's ear.

"Wanna cum baby girl? Hmm? Gonna to be good girl for daddy." Liam groaned, his voice husked and graveled between grunts.

"Ohh fuck...yes..I'LL BE GOOD....please.....please daddy...Let your baby cumm..." Will said, his voice fading out with short hard breaths.

"Do it baby. Do it for daddy." Liam said, setting his teeth again on Will's shoulder. The perversions colliding one into the other as he pumped out his release into Will's more than willing ass. His body convulsed with it and with the tight pulses from Will all around him.

"Ohhhh DaDDDDDDyyyyy.." Will screamed, spilling himself over Liam's hand. His body felt like it was a rocket at lift off and he blasted right off with it. Flitting around in the stratosphere, his body a quivering mass of jelly in Liam's arms, but that was ok. He was flyyyyyyying...

"Will. Will....WILL!!!" Liam said. He'd been holding his beloved little girl up for about five minutes now and his arm was getting a little kinked.

"Mhhh?" Will finally purred, eyes closed, but at least he was taking weight on his legs again. Liam stood up stretching his back, and looking around at the mess.

"Will you need to get this mess cleaned up baby. Come on." Liam said, kissing her shoulder and gently stroking her back.

"Oy! Me?! You made the mess 'ere I think." Will said, suddenly back in the world again. Clean? Me? Oh now wait a bloody minute.

"Yes you baby. You will clean this mess now, and then go take a shower." Liam told him, crossing his arms and leveling *the look* down on him. "By rights you should have gotten a spanking. Now if you'd prefer...." Liam trailed.

"Oh no. Umm..I'll clean it up." Will said, bumping Liam with his hip and going for the cleaning cabinet. The cabinet was perfectly in order, and neatly arranged. I swear next to anal retentative there's 'is bloody picture.

Liam watched for a minute, there was just something very sexy about watching your debatched lover in a torn t shirt, smeared ice cream and nothing else cleaning up a very messy breakfast. Liam could still see the traces of ice cream and other things over Will's legs and back as he knelt to deal with the floor and cabinets. Liam cupped himself, feeling the tell tale twinge of lust. Ohhh...if there were more time. No. Not today.

"You do remember what I told you last night?" Liam said clearing his throat and place leaning against the wall.

"Hmm?" Will asked, negotiating most of the cherry mess back into the box, before trying to wipe up the smaller bits. God I'll never get all this up, and 'e's just going to stand there an watch. Last night? Wot's 'e on about now? A shot went through one blonde little head about then. Will dropped his rag, and stood up on his knees.....

"Oh was *drunk* ....L-l-l-liam....Nooooo." Will protested, shaking his head, loose curls falling into his face.

Liam's face was completely serene as he moved to go take his own shower.

"OH yes...yes ...yes... Wes and Xander are coming for dinner, and you are going to apologize."

Will stared at the doorway as if the calvary were going to come bolting out and wisk him away. No white horses, no scrumptuous men in pressed uniforms swords raised. Just Liam's voice carrying down the stairs as the shower started.


" You always said you liked the way...That I loved you before.....Get ready for me 'cause....this time I'm gonna give you it all."

"Oh for the love of...." Will muttered, rubbing his face and then realizing, what he was rubbing on his face. This was sooo not his day....







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