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Title: The Princess and the.....PART 5
Author: Myst
Rating: NC-17 overall
Pairing: Liam/William
Fandom: BTVS/ATS
Disclaimer: Not mine but I do love taking them out of the box now and then
Warnings: slash, transvestitism,!Daddy kink, little girl play
Status: WIP - part 5/?
Summary: AU- Will is the lovely and beautiful transvestite Liam shares his life with. This is just a weekend in the life of sort of thing. The things that can happen with your boy, just loves being a girl.
Beta-d by: No beta for this bit!! Stake me if you must...just a poor weary writer...but go ahead if it makes ya feel better
Dedication: Thanks to moma jinxwatcher 
Feedback: Yes please...and did I say yes?? I think I did but just to be sure....YES PLEASE!! Ok. I'm really alright. I promise.
LJ username: greeneyeddevilm 
Website: >Shadows in the Mirror archive as kept by JINX
Spoilers: Absolutely none...completely AU
NOTE: Putting this out in small chunks.....little blocks of time....And the icon is by yours truly...
Previous parts can be found here:  
Title: The Princess and the.....PART 5
Author: Myst
Rating: NC-17 overall
Pairing: Liam/William
Fandom: BTVS/ATS
Disclaimer: Not mine but I do love taking them out of the box now and then
Warnings: slash, transvestitism,!Daddy kink, little girl play
Status: WIP - part 1/?
Summary: AU- Will is the lovely and beautiful transvestite Liam shares his life with. This is just a weekend in the life of sort of thing. The things that can happen with your boy, just loves being a girl.
Beta-d by: angelspike69 *huggles and pets the pretty beta* thanks again hunny!!
Dedication: Thanks to moma jinxwatcher ....infinate patience....*HUGGLES THE MOMA BEAR*
Feedback: Yes please...and did I say yes?? I think I did but just to be sure....YES PLEASE!! Ok. I'm really alright. I promise.
LJ username: greeneyeddevilm
Website: Shadows in the Mirror archive as kept by JINX
Spoilers: Absolutely none...completely AU
NOTE: Putting this out in small chunks.....little blocks of time....And the icon is by yours truly...


"Get off me!!!" Xander shrieked as he was tossed into one of the larger than average stalls, Wes coming in after him. Wes closed and locked the door, crossing his arms over his chest glaring at Xander. He watched Xander, hunched around himself and seething. Those dark puppy dog sweet eyes, looking more like they belonged to a pit bull than his darling boy.

"Do not shout at me." Wes said, keeping the quiver out of his voice. His fingers worrying the soft material of his shirt; the way his arms were crossed hiding his nervous fingers. He knew Liam was right, even without his experience and time at things like this, he knew it. Watching Xander stand up, pushing his chin out and look back at him with fire behind those dark eyes. Scolding him, chiding him and even spanking him a little for this sort of behavior, hadn't done a thing apparently. His beloved boy just didn't seem to get it.

"Why not? Not like it matters anyway!! I don't have a dress on. Pants bad. Dressy freak good. " Xander snarled back at him, looking more and more like the pit bull Wes envisioned. Yell? He's lucky that's all I'm doing. Dragging me off like some little kid, Xander pouted proving his point...err not.

Wes even in his uncertainty knew better than to let Xander get by with that, or to shrink under it. He swallowed and stood straighter, leaning into the angry face Xander was giving him for all it was worth.

"Xander Lavell Harris. Is that what you really think? Do you honestly think that what you do doesn't matter to me? " Wes asked as calmly as he could. He could feel his own anger starting to work at him.

Xander held that steady I'm mad as hell and not gonna take it anymore pose for about another two seconds before he melted. Wes' stern glaring blue eyes locked on him like that, the color in his pale skin shifting toward that reddish tone that meant he was either really pissed off and too british to just scream at him, or that he was completely mortified, and again too british to go the full blush route. Xander sometimes really wished his love and former teacher had been born irish, or maybe even american. Anything but *stoopid* english. He often wondered about chronic constipation and the english, it just seemed to him they must go hand in hand. You're born english and they give you a lifetime supply of enemas and a hand written note to excuse you ever so for having to use them. Wondering about the state of her majesty's bowel aside, Xander just wanted to hear Wes scream and not in the fun way. He wanted him to get it out, know that it all mattered to him somehow. Xander sighed and his shoulders slumped, he wanted to know if he mattered.

Wes found himself watching pissed off and snarling slowly melt into the sweet golden brown puppy dog eyes he adored and the whimpering he could have done without. Wes sighed, letting some of the anger and fear he'd felt building felt drop back down to managable levels. Xander had never gone above yelling or at most tossing a book or something, as his standard fit of temper, and Wes didn't know what he'd do if it did go further, but could tell he'd probably soon have to find out.

It hadn't escaped him that Xander didn't answer, but looking the way he did Wes let it go. He took the step or so that stood between them and wrapped his arms around Xander pulling him close. Xander laid his head against Wes' shoulder and each heated breath tickled Wes' neck and made him smile in spite of himself. Even in the short time they'd officially been together, Wes knew he loved Xander very much and just wanted him to be happy. In moments where he was just holding this boy, reassured in his warmth and how gentle he could be it was hard to think past it, he really didn't want to. But Wes had to. If they *were* going to be happy and together, he had to. If he could just get a handle on what set Xander off, what made him act this way. There was absolutely no reason for all this, Xander attacked Will without provocation and now he was attacking him too.

Xander didn't really like upsetting Wes, didn't like how it felt. All those cold looks told him was that he'd been bad, but nothing much else. He wanted to ask sometimes, just look at those cool blue eyes and say....*aaaand*?? Oh yeah that would go over like a lead balloon. Then again maybe that's just what he should do- just go for it, see what happened. Right now though, being held smelling the scent of the simple but very masculine cologne Wes wore; rubbing his cheek against the soft material of Wes' shirt and the roll of smooth muscle underneath, Xander didn't want to go anywhere. Then what he had said came back to him. His eyes widened and he pulled back a little.

"I just hate that little tinker bell. Prissy dramatic prima donna. He gets all the attention and just because he's a freak." Xander babbled, not once considering Will hadn't really done anything as far as he knew. He had just come out of the bathroom. Now why would Xander think of something reasonable like that?

Wes gave him a withering look down his nose, while still holding him close, his fingers tracing the lines of Xander's back through his shirt.

"Xander. Now stop. None of those names are acceptable, and you know it." Wes sighed.

"I think we'd better take care of why we came in here." Wes hid his little shiver at his own tone by pushing Xander back and unfastening his pants. He could feel the tight knot in his gut while fiddling with Xander's button and zip, this was the right thing to do. At least Wes hoped it was.

"No. Please. I won't do it again. I promise." Xander pleaded, pushing at Wes' hands, dark eyes soft and tearing up. Shifting foot to foot and finally just stamping one of them at Wes.

Wes stopped, putting his hands on his hips.

"Pants now, either you do them or I do. No two ways about it." Wes said smoothly, praising himself for making his direction clear and keeping his voice steady.

Xander looked at him surprised, more often then not he could get out of trouble with his pattented Harris Escape- via sweet eyes, pouty lips and all the kicked puppy he could whimper out. Tonight it looked like Wes wasn't giving in to it. Well fine. His princess is out there after all, can't have the brute terrorizing *his* majesty. Xander looked down heaving a heavy put upon sigh, then finished unfastening his pants and pulling them and his underwear down to half mast. He was glad he at least remembered to wear underwear, Wes insisted on it. I can do *something* right. Bet *his* highness doesn't have to wear anything *he* doesn't want to. Gets to wear anything *he* wants. Maybe I should get a pussy, then they'd listen to me too. I'd be *different*.

Wes nodded when Xander was done and crossed his arms over his belly, then he turned him around to face the wall, putting himself against Xander's side bending him over his hip wrapping a strong arm around his waist. Xander shifted and tried to wiggle a little then settled into being held fast. The hold was all subtle shifts in pressure and no one point seemed to be more firm than another, it was solid but flexed and moved with him, so much like Wes himself, when he wanted to be. Xander was always amazed at the strength in Wes' slight frame. It was one of the things that when Wes was being more reasonable, Xander loved about him. Wes' utter strength, it was the only thing sometimes that made Xander feel safe. Even if he didn't know it, held like this even knowing what was coming, he felt some of that safety and longing creeping in. Now if only he could admit it to himself and to Wes.

Xander closed his eyes and moaned when Wes' hand stroked softly over first one bare cheek then the other. He couldn't help it, imminent spanking or not, Wes' hands just felt so good. That thought was immediately smashed all to hell, when the first slap landed squarely over both buttocks. Xander yelped and another smack landed stinging the same spot. He yelped again, "damn it!" another spank, harder than the last and off center. The stings start to melt into a warm glowing throb working it's way up his spine with each new slap; tickling at all those nasty worries and anger lurking under dark eyes and doll like curls. Xander shifted, wrapping his hands around Wes' arm at his waist, gripping it for dear life as another smack made his whimpers turn to barked little cries; he bit his lip and tried to be quiet. Reminded they were not alone by the voices outside the stall which might as well have been booming out in full dolby goodness. Great did every fucking body in the club need to know he was getting his ass spanked? The stall doors where very little comfort, and didn't stop a deep scarlet creeping over his face, and down his chest, if it kept growing it might compete with his ass for more adorable shade of pink. Great well at least I'll *look* like the blushing little school girl if nothing else. That'll make them happy.

Wes took his time between strokes, steeling himself before each one. Every jump and turn Xander made worked at Wes' resolve. Was this really what Xander needed? Was it what he wanted? Did he want to be told what to do by his *old* teacher anymore? Wes gritted his teeth at that, and landed another smack. His hand was warm and tingling from the repeated licks against smooth rounded flesh, he flexed his fingers and landed another slap. The feeling of it giving him another little shiver up his arm and down into places it probably shouldn't go.

The next slap caught Xander just right apparently, from the you know bucking and all.

"Ow....ow....stop," Xander groaned, his voice thick with the crying that had started full tilt. Wes knew Xander could cry you a river at the drop of a hat, but it still pulled at him. Each little sob dug into Wes' belly wrapping a knot tigher and tighter until the little glimmer of resolve that he was doing the right thing was choked into submission. Score one brats, tops nothing, well sort of...

A shot rang out....Well not literally of course, that would be an entirely different story all together. The laughing just outside the door matched with Wes' resolve choked out on the mat and down for the count, had about the same affect. Wes stopped practically mid swing, staggering a bit at the lost momentum, then pulled Xander up, quickly sliding his pants back into place and fastening them. He reached out and swiped Xander's tears away with one long finger. Wes had a very soft worried look about him, he licked his lips,and leaned to give Xander a gentle kiss. It was far less than the comfort he usually gave his sweet boy, not more than a chaste pass of lips. His eyes roving over the cracks between the stalls and the doors, watching the shadows moving there.

Xander took the kiss, blinking back the rest of his unshed tears. He could feel them like rising water behind a dam, but Wes was making it very clear this was over. Nothing else to see or do. Made even more clear as Wes threw open the door and led him back out into the open gray room. Xander did the WTF? face watching Wes who looked shook up than he felt. It was unsettling and kicked Xander's confusion about ten notches as he followed Wes out, eyes down.

"Wash your face my boy. Then we'll go back out. " Wes said.

Xander shuffled to the mirror, catching the sight of his puffed runny eyes. He kept looking watching Wes reflected. His lover looked around the room, checking the faces coming and going, watching what each one did. A little attention for the crying man maybe?? Unresolved emotions were going to war inside Xander. The compressed fear and anger was like steam ready to boil out of one of Wes' beloved tea pots with that little hole blocked. He really did think someday he was going to explode. Oh well that would get his attention!! If my head actually combusted, or maybe I should whistle at the top of my lungs, works for the tea pots. The spanking had barely even touched him. It hurt but it was far from getting at the *root* of things. Not that Xander really knew that, he just knew he'd been spanked until something else got Wes' attention, again. Why bother?? Xander caught a few of the looks around the and could feel the blush rising again in his cheeks. He quickly dried his face and looked back at Wes, suddenly deciding he so wanted to be anywhere but here.

"I'm ready. " Xander muttered, making a show of rubbing his dully throbbing butt and pouting. Wes looked him over, touching his eyes where they were still dull red, then just barely grazing a gentle hand over his ass. He tsk'd softly worrying about having Xander looking so upset and distressed. He hadn't thought about the people around them when he'd brought him in here. Judging by the looks they were getting the opinions were wide and varied, ranging from amused and familiar to disgusted. Nothing for it?? It needed to be done?? Looking into those dark eyes he could see something there, something he couldn't decipher. They were like locked books with the keys just outside his reach. It had to be done, he repeated. It didn't feel solid, didn't gel but he didn't have anything else to go by. He tried a soft tenative smile, maybe teach by example. If he was at ease and happy then maybe Xander would try to be. It had worked when he was a student, but that was then...

"Good. I hope that also means you are ready to apologize." Wes said bracing himself for the onslaught that would no doubt follow.

"You have soooo got to be kidding me." Xander laughed, actually laughed, wiping another errant tear. Ok that explains it, he's lost it.

"No I'm not. You attacked Will without provocation and I want you to apologize. Properly. " Wes said, concentrating very hard on keeping his tone even and his gaze steady. He could tell just looking at Xander's expression that he was toying with defying him, that wouldn't do.

Xander tilted his head as if stretching his neck. He couldn't believe it. Not only does Will get all the attention, but now he had to go out there and play the poor waif begging the master....err freaking mistress' forgiveness for his trespass? Xander looked Wes' unrelenting gaze over again; he knew Wes was a history professor but who knew he got himself stuck way back when too? Oh what-the-fuck-ever. Xander shook his head and held his hand out with a flourish. He wanted a fop, frup, fart...something in a lace collar he remembered that much, then fine...

"After you m'lord. I follow your lead." He said in a stitled impression of Wes' voice.

Wes glared at him, "Xander," he said, trying very hard to make his intention clear with that one word not letting himself be cowed under Xander less than thrilled expression.

Xander rolled his eyes and headed out after Wes, following him closely even though he really felt like running for the damn hills. He'd almost rather die than apologize to the princess. Of course running meant another session of british anger and who needs that much BBC in one night? Shudder, cringe and a butt rub.


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