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A FANFICTION. Hope this is ok here....It has sex in it...

Tite: The Princess and the....
Genre: ??
NC-17 overall
:transvestitism/slash/!daddy kink/little girl play

Summary: AU-Will is the lovely and beautiful transvestite Liam shares his life with. This is just a weekend in the life of sort of thing. The things that can happen when your boy just loves being a girl.


Title: The Princess and the.....

Author: Myst

Rating: NC-17 overall

Pairing: Liam/William

Disclaimer: Not mine but I do love taking them out of the box now and then

Warnings: slash, transvestitism,!Daddy kink, little girl play

Status: WIP

Summary: AU- Will is the lovely and beautiful transvestite Liam shares his life with. This is just a weekend in the life of sort of thing. The things that can happen with your boy, just loves being a girl.

Beta-d by: angelspike69 *huggles and pets the pretty beta* thanks again hunny!!

Dedication: Thanks to moma....infinate patience....*HUGGLES THE MOMA BEAR*

Feedback: Yes please...and did I say yes?? I think I did but just to be sure....YES PLEASE!! Ok. I'm really alright. I promise.

LJ username: greeneyeddevilm


Spoilers: Absolutely none...completely AU

NOTE: Putting this out in small chunks.....little blocks of time....And the icon is by yours truly...


What are little girls made of?

Sugar and Spice and everything nice.

That's what little girls are made of.

What are little boys made of?

Snips and snails and puppy dog tails.

That's what little boys are made of.

So what the hell are transies made of?

Ribbons and lace, a pretty face

And more tricks than one.

That's what little transies are made of.

**If you got that....Please read on. If not...ask somebody for Pete's sake and then read**

Waking dreams. That's the only way Liam could describe the smooth slide of warm soft hands that woke him. He knew without looking they were perfectly manicured hands, each finger tipped in long crimsoned nails. Each one raked softly, teasingly over his chest and nipples. He sighed softly but didn't make any other movement. Eyes closed, still clinging to that point in sleep where dream and reality want to merge. A misty feeling, almost ethereal. In those moments, any touch blended with the impossibly feather light strokes dreams seem to always be full of. He wondered why that was; how can your mind picture and depict those touches perfectly without having ever felt them. Now in his own half awake reasoning, those insistent and devilish fingers pulled him awake. The feeling of exploring fingers teasing him and trying to playfully wake him up were just too sweet, to precious. He sighed, but his eyes never opened. He schooled his face making it look completely given to repose.

Will gazed down at the stubbornly sleeping man who looked far to edible and taking up way too much space in his bed to be left alone. He sat back on his heels, hands on his hips looking him over from head to toe. So handsome. The big brute, he added with a little snicker, rubbing the finger bruises over both hips. They had a dull throb as his fingers slid over them. He bit back a little moan, looking at the lovely manly man that had put them there. To tell the truth he ached all over, sore and wanting more. Always wanted more, he thought licking his lips with a lecherous look that was completely lost on the sleeping form. Well can't have that now.

Liam moaned and nearly lost the I'm sleeping act with the first lick. He took a breath and made himself let it out slowly, keeping his eyes closed. His hands under his pillow clenched the case to keep from grabbing, pulling and doing things that well, sleeping people just don't do. Do they? Another lick, longer, trailing up from his shoulder to that little spot just behind his ear. The one only Will knew about. Huffing warm breaths, soft wet licks, warm smooth skin pressed to his scruffy unshaven cheek. The next breath was slow, but ragged. The act was slipping fast. His neck was so sensitive; it was his *spot*, that one spot everybody has that just makes you wonder why the hell the rest of it exists. Especially when someone with Will's talents used it and abused it for all it was worth. He didn't even feel the slide of warm thighs and silk over his own, or the body that pressed against him. Teeth, tongue, lips and oh gods warm breaths. That's all. That's all he knew or wanted to know. He took another breath; this one just as ragged as the last. He shivered as another huff of breath passed his ear in a husky laugh.

He slid ruby tipped fingers down, taking full advantage of the well-crafted distraction he'd made. Lifting his mouth, he watched closed eyes and parted lips. Will smiled but it was far from sweet and innocent; wicked just barely covered it. Long nails bit into Liam's nipples, pinching and twisting them, then soothing them with soft warm hands, kneading and sliding over his chest and down his belly. Will loved it. The solid lines of heavy muscle and strength. The following gasps and muffled moans made every ripple stand out. Will shivered from his perch straddling Liam's hips. Oh what a beautiful bastard, he sighed, properly and thoroughly licking his lips before settling them in for a little suck-fest over one nipple, then the other, stopping to watch with gleeful giggles at every moan, sigh, and wriggle. Oh so he wants to play sleeping beauty does he??

Liam could feel the slide of silk this time; the change in position of smoother than smooth thighs. They slid down his legs a trail of warm satin, matching the cooler strokes of his silk gown. His hips raised in spite of his little act that was about two seconds from soooo being over. His hands gripped his pillow, digging his nails in and holding on for dear life. He took another of the more frequent gasps, his eyes threatening to pop open as warm wet sloppy lips made messy slick trails down his body, dipping into every hollow and pushing into a few that weren't there. A tongue darted into his navel, swirling into and around it like it was some kind of perverse but endless ice cream cone, and ohhh didn't he wish it was. Anything to keep that devious little mouth at work. His hips lifted and bucked; his knees bent and his legs parted. Between them he throbbed, and he started to pray to anything listening that he'd suddenly turn into one of those big swirly unicorn horn lollipops. Will loved those damn things, and a very long time ago Liam learned to make him eat them after they got home. For more than one reason. And right now, all those reasons came to mind, every damn one of them. Liam groaned, licking his lips, but keeping up the steady mantra to himself and whatever god tended to the horny wishes of gay men everywhere. Oh please, oh please....ohhhhh pleeeeease...

One lick, two, threeeee... Will's pretty pink tongue flicked over, around and under the spongy treat. How many licks does it take to get to the sweet runny center ??? Will giggled at Liam's whimpered answer to his mental advertisement. Whatever it is I think I see, he hummed to himself while sliding his yummy treat between lips teeth and tongue, look out throat here it comes.... Another humming swallow and down, down, down he went. Liam's howl broke the rhythm of his internal amusement but not his stride. Will bobbed, weaved, licked and went for another go.

Liam's hands tore the pillow case that had up until now been good enough to keep his hands occupied. The rip sounded, but Liam never heard it. His breaths panting, harsh to his own ears, followed by louder moans as he was taken into the endless well that seemed to be Will's throat. OH GODS, he shouted inside his head. Completely having forgotten his little game, although no one remembered to tell his eyes, which were still MIA. In the dark, the blindness made everything so much brighter. Every touch feather light or skin shredding, seemed to echo and trip one after another, each one falling like dominoes into the next.

"Ohhh fuck, Will. Yes baby..." Liam growled, actually growled, his voice deeper, full of and nearly choked by lust.

A burst of the giggles, and having that lovely mind bending throat taken away from the center of his universe at the moment was not exactly what Liam had in mind. It was however, just what William gave him, sitting up from his spot on his legs, having a barely stifled fit of the giggle-snorts.

"I-I-I-I wiiiiiin....." William wiggled, arms in the air doing a silly dance of victory.

Of course by now Liam's eyes had joined the little party, having gotten their invitation a little late. Damn mail. Looking down his body, he saw both his purpling and very unhappy but completely not his fault *problem* throbbing all on its lonesome. Looking a little farther, he saw his precious doing the very familiar happy dance, his bright blue silk slip gown shifting as he moved. The spaghetti straps fell down his arms, leaving milky pale shoulders bared and perfect as they rolled with his silly celebration. His face was a picture of their previous night’s debauchery and little kid glee. His eye make-up was smeared, darkening his pretty blue eyes. Not quite raccoon eyes; Will never would have stood for that and somehow his make-up always knew it. No, they were attractively messed; just enough to make them all the more enticing and endlessly blue. His foundation had worn off leaving the soft if slightly ruddy skin underneath exposed and lovely. He'd had electrolysis for so long his face never even considered the whiskers that Liam's own seemed so fond of making for him every morning. Will's lips were puffed, pink and softly rounded, partly from the night before and partly from the little game it seems they had both been playing. His hair fell in a beautiful tussle of wild curls that just dared anything or anyone to make them look less than adorable. Liam's eyes wandered as they made up for lost time, pale shoulders, yeah already been there. The slip showed one pink perfect nipple as it slid lower down his body, the straps no longer even trying to do they're job. The blue silk set off his eyes even more, if that was possible, and managed to make the long lean lines of his body look absolutely awe inspiring.

The burn in his chest told him he hadn't taken a breath and would in fact have to do so now. He gasped and Will giggled, shifting himself a little higher. Liam blinked, watching how the smile and laughter made Will look positively radiant. Then the giggling reminded him.

"You won?? Won what exactly little girl?" He asked, his brow lifting in a look of, "were we playing a game, I hadn't noticed".

Will snorted. Putting his hands on his hips indignantly, he lifted his head and shook out more of those lovely curls.

"Yes daddy. I woooooon...knew you weren't sleeping." He cooed, another laugh spilling from those beautiful full lips.

"And just what did you win??" Liam grunted as he rolled them both with a graceful ease, landing on top of his lovely little girl, completely enjoying the happy squeal and lascivious wiggling hips. Liam quickly pinned both wrists before he could wriggle off like some frenzied little puppy. He pushed between satin smooth thighs, ahh electrolysis once again. His own need slid over that skin, in slick trails heading straight doooown, stopping when Will hissed and lifted his hips. Liam leaned back putting his weight on both wrists, knowing it was maybe a little hard and also knowing that's how Will liked it.

"Gonna answer me little girl???" Liam's voice took a false edge, the tiniest threat, but it was enough to make Will squeal again, and try even harder to wiggle away. Liam's hands gripped a little tighter, getting the sweetest little whimper from Will, whose motions slowed but were far from stopping. Stop was just not in this one's vocabulary.

Will laughed and pushed up again with his hips, trying to reach what he was all the sudden very shy about saying.

"Ohhh.." Liam grinned, letting his hips dip, pushing against tender willing folds. "That what you're after my baby?" He cooed, dipping again a little harder, dark eyes fixed on the sweet blue ones under him.

Will's cheeks turned a soft shade of purest pink, darling and precious all at once. He was wanton and could do things that could make a man weep with those hands, that mouth, and oooooh most definitely that wonderful ass, but here he was, ducking his head a far as he could and looking the perfect little school girl with her first kiss. It was intoxicating, and for Liam almost too much to bear, but this was part of it. Both of them loved the build-up, and Will had, had his fun. It was only fair, even if it did make him feel like he was going to explode.

"Please daddy?" Will's soft pleading voice answered him, bottomless blue eyes looking up again to meet his. Now who could resist that???

Will's body arched, giving itself to the thrust that followed. It wasn't painful, as Liam slid into him. He stayed as he liked to say, at the ready. He wore a plug almost all the time, and had been *awake* for sometime before he bothered Liam this morning. Working his body, claiming his *prize*, he panted, pulling at his hands. Liam leaned over him, watching his face. Moaning, mussed and in the throws of it. He was so beautiful. Liam's body worked faster, harder, pushing all the right spots, too hard, then softly, alternating between teases, and all out rutting. Bending to kiss those sweet lips, taking them for all they were worth, feeling all of it working him as well. His belly tightened and that familiar shiver started to work its way down his spine.

"Ohh bloody 'ell." Will shouted. "Yes daddy....yes...please........" His words broke into grunting pants, his hands scrabbling and trying to pull and move to get more; his body sliding under the beast he inspired in his lover. Liam took every whimper and moan, and made it his own. Will knew it and loved it. He couldn't keep anything from him. As annoying as that is in the day-to-day, like this, pinned and thoroughly taken, he couldn't imagine anything he wanted more.

Liam panted, sweat making they're bodies glide and seem to have minds of they're own. The tease was over, the play was over; it was time for both of them to get their prizes. Liam leaned and nipped Will's shoulder, his breath tickling down and over his neck.

"Now baby. Cum for me now." He breathed, setting his teeth harder, the feeling of flesh between his teeth making his own release blast off like the shuttle on a 3-2-1 countdown. No stopping it now. Will was now the one with the suddenly revolting eyes. All he saw were sparklers of every sort, here, there and everywhere. It was like the Fourth of July, and how strange was that?? It was only February. Reason was far from being in the picture, reason, time space relations, breathing....pretty much at a loss. If it wasn't happening on its own for the moment, it just wasn't happening. Shuddering, jumping, and generally looking like St. Vitus made a pit stop, Will's release spent and just kept on spending. He was so very highly reactive. It used to embarrass him, but now looking up and starting to see the photo flash outline of his wonderful love smiling down on him, knowing every quiver and whimper made him hotter than the sun, he just let them roll over him and over and over.

Liam's hands rubbed purpled hands and sore wrists before brushing wild damp locks from his lover's face. "You are so bad." He grinned, licking the taste of sweat and skin from his lips.

"And you love me for it..." Will answered without pause, and almost without breath, just barely aware of the need before he spoke.

"That I do my baby. That I do." Liam agreed, before laying down and pulling Will on top of him in a bear hug. Ohh this one could do almost anything and he'd love it. And bad??? Well waking him up with a mind scrabbling blow job wasn't exactly tops on the list of offenses, but then again the day was just starting.

Will laid there for all of two minutes, which for him was pretty damn good. He jumped up and headed toward the shower, pausing to look into the dresser mirror.

"Mhhh....not too bad..." He grinned at the face in the mirror, looking over his shoulder at Liam. Shaking his ass, he laughed. "Not bad at all." And with that and not waiting for confirmation he skipped off toward the bathroom.

Liam sat up running his fingers through his hair, shaking his head. "No baby, not bad..." He sighed getting up to go join his sweet boy wonder in the shower.

Once in the bathroom, Will closed the door, turning the tap on almost full hot and stared into the mirror. Every line, wrinkle and smudge glaring back at him. How could Liam take it? He looked just awful. No wonder he wouldn't open his eyes this morning, probably couldn't stand it, he told himself scowling. The room quickly steamed and was nice and warm, but Will felt a cold chill, something shivering over his spine. Something ominous? Something awful? Well it could have just been the draft brought in with Liam opening the door, but who knows. He turned from the counter, putting on a cool little grin and crossing his arms.

"Wot? Think m'gonna share a shower with you?" He asked, putting on his best think again face.

Liam closed the door, taking the few steps toward him without saying a word. In about half a second, the slip that was so stubbornly still trying to cling to Will found itself somewhere on the floor, and Will found himself in a huge bear hug that threatened to crack every rib he had and maybe a few he didn't. He wiggled, but stilled as soon as Liam's lips touched his. Taking the kiss and returning it thoroughly. He whimpered and was finally let go on suddenly very wobbly legs.

"Oh well, when you put it like that.." He grinned under half lids, and trying to catch his breath.

"Thought you might see it my way." Liam smiled, stepping into the shower and holding the curtain for Will to do the same.

They showered, with a few pit stops to make *sure* they didn't miss any spots and got out drying each other with even more checking and giggled innuendo. Liam toweled Wills' long hair for him, squeezing it gently and making sure it didn't drip. Satisfied it was dry enough, Liam cracked the bathroom door, letting the steam escape and getting them some fresh air. He smiled while looking at Will, naked and lovely. Of course. His Will would never be anything but beautiful. He saw him with his heart. His eyes could burn out and he'd still see him. Just as he always had. Playful, naughty, a brat, and absolutely gorgeous. Will gave him a bat of too long lashes and smiled.

"See something you like?" Will asked as he stepped to the mirror to brush his teeth, washing his face again with the special cleansers that helped keep it so baby soft.

"I wonder..." Liam allowed, stroking his chin with a knowing little smirk. Wait for it....tic tic tic...

"Well you better.." Will pouted. BOOM. Will was infuriating sometimes.

"Yes princess." Liam answered, kissing his cheek and going to the door. Will took the kiss, but cut his eyes. Liam just smiled and went to the door, looking back as he leaned against the door frame.

"Breakfast in 20, baby." He said as he turned to go, leaving Will to his various beauty regimens, not seeing the little face Will pulled at the mention of food.

"I swear. Gonna make me fat on top of everything." He mumbled, looking into the mirror.

"And don’t you say a bloody word mate." He informed the reflection with an accusatory finger. The mirror, of course, being a mirror did what it was told and let Will complete the various applications of lotions and what not without further interruption.




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